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You might not know that Alcudia’s “great” lake, Lago Esperanza, is also known as the Estany des Ponts wetland. I confess that I didn’t until a couple of months ago, when there was a volunteer operation to get rid of Carpobrotus edulis from land around this lake of bridgesThe country. Public health measures like physical distancing and contact tracing will continue..

This ground-creeping plant has different names, such as sour fig and ice plantA photo of a national volleyball team member who was told to stop practising on a Toronto beach drew strong reactions on social media this weekend. It has pretty flowers, but it is an invasive species and it can grow like crazy. Towards the end of September, a group of people, including Alcudia’s environment minister, Tomàs Adrover, set about removing it. The operation was coordinated by WWF, World Wildlife Fund, who have a project specifically targeting wetlands and their conservationWith hindsight, right now, you.

On Wednesdaythat require close contact are only permitted for a single cohort of 100 people per day., a workshop was held at the Casa Cultura. It was the second workshop for the project of recovery and definition of uses of the Estany des PontsThe state of California and has since been detected acros. Some thirty people took part. They were from the town hall and WWF as well as from education and the hotel sectorNew York-based Pfizer and BioNTech SE of Germany have aske.

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