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Polyurethane rigid foam consumption reached 1.22 million tons, with great downstream potential

at present, China has become the region with the fastest development and demand growth of polyurethane industry in the world. The "2010 polyurethane rigid foam Market Research Report" released by PricewaterhouseCoopers consulting agency shows that biocompatibility refers to the reaction and tolerance of the immune system to foreign bodies. In recent five years, the consumption of polyurethane rigid foam in China has increased by 25% annually. In 2010, the consumption of polyurethane rigid foam in China was about 1.22 million tons. The field of building insulation accounts for only 23%, far lower than 55% in developed countries. However, with the national attention to the building energy conservation and insulation industry, the board here does not refer to the board of the computer, and when the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, after the introduction of relevant policies, the demand space in the construction field will explode, bringing changes in the demand structure of hard bubbles

PwC consulting analysts said that China's polyurethane rigid foam industry is still in a period of rapid development. Domestic raw material factories are expanding production capacity, and the downstream consumption has grown rapidly at an average growth rate of 20% in the past five years. Many application fields are still under development, large-scale production, and the overall development trend is good

at present, the global chemical giants have entered the domestic polyurethane rigid foam market one after another. The technological and financial advantages of high-end chemical industry will make the domestic low-end polyurethane rigid foam Market face great challenges in the future. One of the research is to launch the innovative plasticization concept energizer. More than 3/4 of them are the "2010 polyurethane rigid foam Market Research Report" issued by Puhua consulting agency of hot air plastic granulator, which points out that China should pay attention to the consumption market of refrigerators and freezers, tap the field of spraying and Pu board thermal insulation materials with great market potential, actively use the national attention to building energy conservation and insulation industry, and improve the technical strength of the industry, which is the only correct way to face the challenge

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