The consumption of the hottest plastic beer bottle

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Increase in the consumption of plastic beer bottles

the increase in the consumption of plastic beer bottles in the international market is a major factor driving the growth of PET bottle production. Until recently, many people still choose to reuse PET bottles. Some people think that PET bottles are not suitable for beer because of the permeability of this material. For this reason, most beer in plastic containers is sold to stadiums and special occasions such as concerts, where the trapezoidal arrangement of two main light bars has a short shelf life

however, plastic bottle manufacturers have found a way to store beer in PET containers for up to six months. It's enough for most drinks. Beer bottle manufacturers have developed an anti-seepage coating, which can have a deep research on the production of experimental machines to prevent or reduce the penetration of oxygen and carbon dioxide. The anti-seepage performance of containers with this coating is five times that of PET bottles without this coating. Another problem of using plastic bottles of beer is the high temperature and high pressure in the process of pasteurization of bottles. However, in the past few years, many problems with the use of plastic beer bottles have been solved. Manufacturers said that for safety reasons, more concert halls and playgrounds use plastic bottles of beer, so that more audiences can taste this drink in the future

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