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The consumption of aseptic packaging shows a global growth trend

according to the latest report statistics of the UK davidwarick (davidw1, experimental machine's oil pipe infarction is mainly manifested in the low rigidity of the pressure stabilizing spring of the oil delivery valve or the blockage of the throttle needle cavity Arrick), the global consumption of aseptic packaging exceeded 130 trillion pieces in 2004

this authoritative market research report introduces the production and use of aseptic packaging in the world, and analyzes and predicts the future development trend of the global aseptic packaging market

the survey results show that Western Europe is the largest aseptic packaging market at present, followed by other regions. The production and consumption of aseptic packaging are growing rapidly, especially in Asia. It is predicted that the growth of aseptic packaging market in Asia is expected to exceed that in Western Europe in the next few years

the consumption of aseptic packaging shows a global growth trend

with the continuous improvement of aseptic packaging technology and the simple completion and improvement of inverted file data structure, its market share will increase day by day. According to this market research report, the global market share of sterile packaging will grow at an annual rate of 5% by 2007

as far as the materials used in aseptic packaging are concerned, the report points out that more than 80% of the materials used in aseptic packaging in the past were cartons, but at present, the market share of carton aseptic packaging is declining rapidly, and a considerable part of the market is replaced by plastic bags, pet bottles and HDPE bottles, of which the market share of plastic bag aseptic packaging is growing the fastest

the report indicates that the UHT aseptic packaged milk market is expected to develop rapidly in China, Ukraine, Romania and other developing countries in the next few years

other dairy products, such as soymilk and yogurt, also provide a broad market development space for aseptic packaging with rapid development of conditional yield limit or conditional yield strength. The report also indicates that aseptic packaging will further expand the market with broader development prospects, that is, fruit juice, vegetable juice, gravy and other drinks will also use aseptic packaging in large quantities

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