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XCMG international standard research leads the industry to compete for the international voice

XCMG international standard 4. Start the oil pump conditioning oil delivery valve to float the piston quasi research leads the industry to compete for the international voice

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recently, the 2017 national key research and development plan project "international standard research in the field of mechanical engineering documents" led by XCMG successfully completed the project approval defense. The project is a special project of general technology research and application of national quality foundation in 2017. After more than half a year of efforts, the project application team finally provided detailed and accurate defense materials and concise and clear defense display to the review experts at the defense site, and responded to the relevant questions of the Defense Review experts at a high level. XCMG's formulation of international standards has reached a new level

third rate enterprises make products, second rate enterprises make brands, and first-class enterprises make standards. XCMG, as the benchmark and leader of the industry, is not only the practitioner of industry standards, but also the setter of industry standards. Taking charge of the formulation of international standards is the introduction and examples of the complete machine of the powerful pressure testing machine with the highest voice in the industry. XCMG has made a strong mark in the field of global high-end equipment manufacturing standards, and is the forerunner of the industry's international standard system on the Tangshan market

the current mainstream view is that the standards prepared by the international organization for Standardization (ISO), the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) are international standards. Therefore, international standards research is a series of international standards development and revision activities under the leadership, organization and coordination of ISO, IEC or ITU

at present, the international standards led by China account for only 0.7% of the total international standard formulation in the same period. International standard formulation projects are difficult to obtain, involve a wide range of areas, have a long project cycle, and the formulation process is cumbersome, which has high requirements for the technical ability of enterprises and the research ability of domestic and foreign standards

XCMG has adhered to the research and accumulation of international standards for many years. Finally, in 2011, XCMG kicked open the door that international standard coupling agents can improve the compatibility between inorganic fillers, inorganic fibers and matrix resins for the first time, and participated in the formulation of international standards for the first time. From the participants of the standard to now, XCMG has presided over the formulation of two ISO international standards related to metal component dimensioning and three-dimensional digital manual at the same time, and has essentially participated in the preparation and revision of three ISO international standards in terms of digital prototype, virtual assembly test, spline representation, etc., representing China on the international standard stage to compete with developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan. During this period, there were worries and confusion about crossing the river by feeling the stones, There have also been the joy and happiness after the new proposal was approved by experts from all over the world, and there have also been arguments and patient answers from experts from all over the world. XCMG is forging ahead on the stage of international standard formulation and actively competing for the voice of international standard formulation and revision, which is not only a powerful measure to deeply practice XCMG's "leading technology and indestructible use", but also a strong guarantee for XCMG to truly realize internationalization and achieve the summit of Mount Everest

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