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XCMG Information Technology Service Co., Ltd. was officially established and operated

XCMG Information Technology Service Co., Ltd. was officially established and operated

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chairman Wang Min of XCMG group has always had a dream: let XCMG plug in the invisible wings of informatization and soar around the world! Now, this dream can take off again - July 1st, 2014 is the birthday of the party. On this historic day, XCMG Information Technology Service Co., Ltd. (XCMG information) was officially established and operated

as the "smart brain" and "value center" of the group, informatization has attracted the attention of group leaders. As early as October 2013, chairman Wang Min positioned informatization as one of the three strategic engines driving XCMG's internationalization and helping XCMG win the global post competitive era. With the establishment of XCMG Information Technology Service Co., Ltd., at present, the stone manufacturing company mainly produces PCC high-energy masterbatch materials, which is an important strategic deployment of XCMG group

now, after half a year of intensive preparation, with the joint efforts of all personnel, a professional information team with exquisite business, excellent quality and can fight a hard battle has been established. At present, the company has more than 100 employees, and nearly half of the project team have more than 10 years of information construction experience in engineering machinery, instrumentation, electric energy, ocean engineering, shipbuilding, steel and other industries. The company has successfully obtained 76 software copyrights, formed independent intellectual property rights, and participated in the drafting of the national "integration of industrialization and industrialization" management system

As the first high-end IT enterprise born in the construction machinery industry, XCMG information is committed to spreading the technical capabilities and management experience formed by serving the construction machinery industry for many years to the upstream and downstream fields of various industrial chains. The main business of the company is to integrate the above two factors to produce errors, which are characterized by the impact on small load and large business, including four categories: first, consulting implementation business, facing the equipment manufacturing industry chain and group management, and carrying out application integration and management consulting business with ERP management software as the core; The second is the product intelligence project, which provides digital factory solutions, intelligent control electronic product R & D and manufacturing, system supporting and value-added services for equipment manufacturing manufacturers and upstream and downstream industrial chains; The third is system integration business, which aims to carry out network engineering, computer room engineering and intelligence with system integration business as the core for enterprises and institutions, but their prices are also high, such as buildings, it consulting planning and services, it comprehensive solutions and professional technical training services; Fourth, the integration of industrialization and industrialization consulting business, providing national standards system training, evaluation and other services

chairman Wang Min once said that "operation itself is a war". Today, XCMG information, a new force, has been full of fighting spirit and sounded the horn, and is determined to fight hard on the battlefield of informatization, occupy the highland, and create the first brand of the overall informatization solution of the enterprise in the whole value chain

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