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XCMG independently developed the world's first LNG grader to achieve sales

XCMG independently developed the world's first LNG grader to achieve sales when it needs an emergency shutdown

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recently, XCMG road has ushered in a historic moment in the development history of graders, and the world's first LNG natural gas grader independently developed by XCMG has gone to Russia to achieve sales. At the 15th Russia international construction and engineering machinery scrap exhibition held in Moscow, the world's first LNG natural gas grader caused a sensation once it appeared, which was favored by Russian customers, showing the strength of XCMG's brand and the charm of XCMG's green energy-saving products

as the world's first LNG natural gas grader, it is not only a major technological breakthrough, filling the gap of the world's natural gas grader, but also a historic breakthrough in the whole machine technology. In terms of power performance, the R & D Department of XCMG motor grader has carried out detailed analysis and a large number of experiments. The adjustment analysis of the engine from idle speed to maximum speed, through adjusting the external characteristic curve, the engine and torque converter can achieve a reasonable match, which basically makes up for the lack of power performance. In terms of safety performance, the standardized LNG gas supply system is composed of special on-board low-temperature insulating bottles, filling interfaces, safety flow limiting devices, LNG vaporizers, pressurizers, pressure displays and other devices. Combined with strict LNG safety operation requirements, the safety performance can be fully guaranteed; The LNG storage tank is made of special materials with high strength and impact resistance. The outer wall and tank inner tank are vacuum treated. The equipment storage tank has been tested for vibration, fall, fire and other safety as required to effectively ensure its safety

XCMG has demonstrated its technology in the research and development of advanced, reliable, environment-friendly and energy-saving. In 2017, the average annual concentration of PM2.5 in the city fell by 4.25% compared with last year, highlighting its top-level ability. XCMG road is leading the industry to create an era of environmental protection and energy conservation with the spirit of pioneer and practice

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