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XCMG group: "intelligent manufacturing" leads the industry


"XCMG group will continue to increase investment in original innovation, speed up the construction of national key laboratories, carry out research on basic and common technologies, and spare no effort to promote the intellectualization of construction machinery. Therefore, from an overall perspective, transformation and upgrading, and realize the Chinese dream of becoming a powerful equipment manufacturing country." This is the high expectation of Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, on the construction of the State Key Laboratory of XCMG, and also the important task of XCMG's technical system

As an important part of the national scientific and technological innovation system, the national key laboratory is an important base for the state to organize high-level basic research and applied basic research, gather and train excellent scientists, and carry out high-level academic exchanges. The approval of the construction of the "State Key Laboratory for intelligent manufacturing of high-end construction machinery" highlights that XCMG's construction and research achievements in the intelligent manufacturing platform of high-end construction machinery have been highly recognized by the country, providing scientific and technological innovation support for XCMG's intelligent manufacturing of high-end construction machinery to the world

first, plan according to the situation

aim at the national development strategy and seize the "intelligent" manufacturing position of the industry

intelligent manufacturing equipment is an important part of the national strategic emerging industry. XCMG's "State Key Laboratory for intelligent manufacturing of high-end construction machinery" fully conforms to the overall requirements of "made in China 2025" and "outline of national medium and long term scientific and Technological Development Plan", and combines the development opportunities of the "the Belt and Road", aims at key technologies in the field of intelligent manufacturing of construction machinery, and seizes the highland of industrial system

1. Outline of the national medium and long term science and technology development plan (): realize the independent design and manufacturing of major complete sets of technical equipment and key components such as construction machinery, and focus on breakthroughs in intelligent manufacturing and application technology

2. "Made in China 2025": Take intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, overcome common technologies, strengthen the manufacturing foundation, promote the development of engineering machinery and other industries to the high end of the value chain, and promote the R & D and industrialization of intelligent engineering machinery and other products

3. "The Belt and Road" strategy: an important strategy for national development, focusing on transportation, energy, petrochemical and other infrastructure. The project area span is large, the construction environment is bad, the working conditions are complex, and the project is difficult. There is an urgent need for a large number of intelligent high-end construction machinery

4. Industry trend: the international construction machinery industry is in the stage of intelligent development, which is manifested in four major technical trends: green design of construction machinery, intelligent operation, intelligent manufacturing, and full life cycle service

II. Ready to go

accumulate R & D strength and drive innovation engine

XCMG has always been committed to innovation in the field of technology. Through years of exploration and innovation, XCMG has accumulated strong R & D strength, providing a strong guarantee for the further establishment of national key laboratories

1. Awards for technological innovation: XCMG, which dates back to the war of resistance against Japan, has always maintained the first place in China's construction machinery industry, ranking fifth in the world's construction machinery industry. XCMG has always been focusing on independent innovation and paying attention to the continuous improvement of the core competitiveness of technological innovation. Its investment in scientific research has been increasing year by year. It has won many honors, such as "national technological innovation demonstration enterprise", demonstration benchmark enterprise of the integration of industrialization and industrialization, national intellectual property pilot unit of enterprises and institutions, Jiangsu innovation and entrepreneurship base, and has established a national enterprise technology center, Continue to rank first in the industry

2. Global collaborative research and development platform: establish research and development systems that radiate many regions and countries at home and abroad, such as European research and development center, American research and development center, Nanjing Research and development center, Shanghai Research and development center, and form their own characteristics and advantages, especially in the key technologies of large lifting machinery, hydraulic excavator, intelligent pavement construction machinery manufacturing and construction technology The scientific and technological system engineering of independent innovation of large construction machinery has made a number of important research results

3. Construction of high-end laboratories: in 2008, the Department of science and technology of Jiangsu Province approved XCMG to build Jiangsu Xuzhou Construction Machinery Research Institute. On this basis, it integrated advantageous resources and built a provincial enterprise key laboratory with basic technology and applied technology research as the core. With a total investment of 340million yuan and an area of 28500 square meters, the laboratory includes eight laboratories and one engineering technology center, including intelligent control, hydraulic, transmission, structure, oil products, materials, complete machine and construction technology. The laboratory has more than 130 sets of large-scale experimental equipment and instruments, including more than 20 sets of foreign advanced major experimental equipment. In January, 2015, the laboratory passed CNAs certification, and 146 testing projects in six major fields were mutually recognized by more than 70 countries and regions

4. Remarkable scientific research achievements: in recent years, major technological breakthroughs have been made repeatedly in the field of high-end construction machinery, and more than 100 sets of major equipment in China have been developed, including the world's largest 1600 ton all terrain crane and 4000 ton crawler crane, the first 400 ton large mining excavator in China, the largest 12 ton loader in China, et110 cross-country excavator (spider man), large complete sets of road construction machinery, etc. The laboratory has undertaken 31 scientific research projects above the provincial and ministerial level, including the national "863" project, the national scientific and technological achievements transformation project and the national scientific and technological support project, and has achieved a series of important achievements. It has won 31 provincial and ministerial awards, including 3 second prizes of national science and technology progress award, 1 first prize of Jiangsu Science and technology progress award, and 2 second prizes of Jiangsu Science and Technology Progress Award; A total of 59 papers have been published in important publications at home and abroad, of which 23 have been included by SCI and EI, and 126 national invention patents have been authorized

5. Leading talent team: the laboratory has always been committed to team building. At present, there are 145 full-time researchers, including 28 researcher level senior engineers, 29 senior engineers, 32 with doctoral degrees, 39.3% of scientific researchers with deputy senior technical titles or above, and 86.2% of those with master's degrees or above; Among the research team, there are 5 experts who enjoy the "special government allowance" of the State Council, 52 middle-aged and young experts with "outstanding contributions" in Jiangsu Province, senior technical experts such as the Jiangsu cross century talent training 333 project, and 3 academicians employed in the academician workstation

6. Open communication platform: the laboratory has established long-term strategic cooperative relations with more than 60 universities and enterprise research institutes, such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, China railway tunnel, etc., in which it cooperates with Dalian University of technology to compile and publish a "two-way dictionary of construction machinery" in seven languages; Hosted the "6th mechanical design branch meeting of China Society of mechanical engineering"; More than 90 people went abroad for further study, and more than 60 people visited foreign scientific research institutions. In the past three years, academician workstation has successively hired academician Guo Konghui, academician Xu Bin and academician Ren Luquan to enter the workstation; At the same time, he came to carry out technical exchanges and project cooperation with Academician Lin Shangkun, academician Wen Bangchun, academician Feng Chunbo and other industry experts. The post doctoral scientific research workstation has successively signed entry agreements with 14 post doctors, and has concluded 9 research topics

III. act in response to the situation

break through the four high-end technologies, build three operation mechanisms

four high-end technologies

XCMG Construction State Key Laboratory, mainly focusing on the intelligent manufacturing field of high-end construction machinery, and carry out research in four cutting-edge technology fields, including full life cycle design technology, intelligent manufacturing technology of key parts, intelligent control technology of heavy-duty motion, greening and intelligent service technology

1. Intelligent manufacturing technology of key parts: intelligent manufacturing of key parts is the basis for the survival and development of construction machinery. The intelligent manufacturing level of key components directly determines the performance, quality and reliability of major equipment and host products. The laboratory will analyze the design, manufacturing, welding, testing and other dimensions at home and abroad. Cai Kejian of Ningbo Institute of engineering and others will use polystyrene foamed plastic (EPS) in the embankment filling project, which can significantly reduce the foundation settlement caused by the embankment and the lateral earth pressure on the abutment back, improve the foundation stability, key parts gap and influencing factors, and carry out the research on the intelligent manufacturing technology of construction machinery parts, Carry out key common technology research. It mainly tackles the core technologies such as manufacturing process technology, detection technology and quality control of key parts, and promotes the simulation optimization, digital control, real-time monitoring of state information and adaptive control of manufacturing process. Improve the performance of self-developed key parts, solve the hollowing problem of key parts, realize the independent design and intelligent manufacturing of key parts, promote the application to other fields of equipment manufacturing industry, and comprehensively improve the performance of basic parts. The number of patents applied for is not less than 10, the number of published papers is not less than 45, and the number of compilation standards is not less than 2

2. Full life cycle design technology of complete machine: the design, processing, assembly, use, management, remanufacture and other links of full life cycle technology products are the inevitable trend of construction machinery in the national environment of developing circular economy. The laboratory will introduce green factors into the design process, establish the evaluation and feedback mechanism of green R & D design, and conduct virtual assembly process design of products based on product information model and assembly resource model to obtain feasible and better assembly process scheme. Make full use of network information technology to analyze and transmit the traceability information of products, integrate system resources, establish a knowledge base of all closed-loop information and full life cycle of products, realize the monitoring and tracking of information in the full life cycle of products, improve the ability of quality monitoring, control and quality traceability in the full life cycle of products, and form a closed-loop whole of product design, manufacturing, experiment, user use, recycling and reuse of construction machinery, Realize the recycling of resources and products. Provide engineering demonstration for other equipment manufacturing industries. No less than 10 patents have been applied for and no less than 30 papers have been published

3. Intelligent control technology of heavy load movement: intellectualization is the mainstream technology direction of the development of construction machinery industry. The laboratory carried out research on intelligent control technology of heavy-duty motion, solved technical problems such as intelligent control of single machine integrated operation, remote fault diagnosis, integrated control of network group and intelligent management, developed intelligent control technology of heavy-duty motion of several construction machinery, and made major breakthroughs in key technologies. It can realize real-time connection, accurate identification, effective interaction and intelligent control between people and products, and improve the controllability of products and the efficiency and accuracy of multi machine collaborative operation. It has applied for and obtained 10 patents, published no less than 45 papers, and compiled no less than 3 standards

4. Green and intelligent service technology: compared with traditional thermosetting products, green and intelligent service of construction machinery is the industry hotspot and future development trend. Green, energy saving and environmental protection are the basic elements for engineering machinery products to enter the market and be accepted by users, and they are also the prerequisites for their survival and development. The laboratory will carry out in-depth research in combination with the actual working conditions of construction machinery, make breakthroughs in the field of green and intelligent service technology, overcome core technologies such as optimization methods for environment-friendly operation mechanisms, green construction technology and remanufacture, lead the green development of construction machinery, establish a remanufacture system of construction machinery, realize resource recycling, standardize the intelligent service system, and promote the transformation of production-oriented enterprises to service-oriented industries. Truly realize the circular production mode and intelligent service of the construction machinery industry, and provide engineering demonstration for other industries of equipment manufacturing. No less than 10 patents have been applied for and no less than 30 papers have been published

three operation mechanisms

as high-end construction machinery intelligence

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