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XCMG: firmly move forward in climbing the peak of the global construction machinery industry

XCMG: firmly move forward in climbing the peak of the global construction machinery industry

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on September 21, at the global construction machinery industry conference and the top 50 summit, Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, delivered a keynote speech and launched an incisive discussion on XCMG's view of industrial pattern and its strategic choice under the current situation, It has aroused enthusiastic reflection and extensive discussion on the scene, and is defined as XCMG's "sustainable development concept" and "transformation values". XCMG continued to lead China in the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers in 2015 released by the summit. During the meeting, Wang Min had friendly exchanges and in-depth discussions with the top management of 21187-t4 industry, a global leader in construction machinery from the United States, China, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Sweden, France, Italy, Finland and other places. Sun Jianzhong, vice president of XCMG machinery, Lu Chuan, Yang Dongsheng, and Li Zong, deputy general manager of XCMG group attended the summit dialogue of industry leaders, the summit of global cranes and China's top 100 hoisting companies, the loader and bulldozer industry leaders' forum, and the excavator industry leaders' forum, respectively

opening of the global construction machinery industry conference and the top 50 summit

after more than 30 years of rapid growth, China's economy has entered a relatively stable era of medium and high speed, that is, the new normal of China's economy. The strategic concepts of "made in China" and "the Belt and Road" have brought historic opportunities to made in China. Standing at the tuyere where opportunities and challenges coexist, how to adjust the enterprise strategy and plan for future development has become an urgent problem for the "leaders" of the enterprise to think about and solve. Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, gave a new path to "climb Mount Everest": maintain insight, conviction and strategic determination, adhere to the "four in one" of reform, innovation and internationalization, create a source of development for XCMG, and forge ahead to climb the peak of the global construction machinery industry

global competition calls for enterprises to "conceive sustainable development"

since April 2011, the construction machinery industry has experienced historic fluctuations, and important sectors such as excavators, loaders, cranes, concrete equipment, etc. have continued to shrink. The severe market environment makes many enterprises in the industry very nervous and anxious, and lose confidence in the future market trend. But Wang Min pointed out rationally and firmly that the market environment is not as bad as expected, and the construction machinery after transformation and upgrading has great potential

chairman Qi Jun of China Construction Machinery Industry Association delivered an opening speech

Wang Min emphasized: "The sharp decline in the market now is actually a high dive from the original excessive virtual high state, which has compressed a lot of foam. That's why we feel that the fall is too fast and too serious. The current situation only shows that the industry was irrational before, and does not mean that there is no space in the future. From the perspective of the domestic market, demand still exists, and the scale is considerable." Every world economic crisis will give birth to a round of industrial revolution. Crises and difficulties are the endogenous driving force to promote change and transformation. Because the crisis reminds the construction machinery industry that the previous extensive development and low-end pursuit have come to an end, and the competitive environment of the global construction machinery industry, especially China, has begun to change significantly

Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, made a wonderful speech at the summit and the growth of some models in the civil helicopter and business jet market

this change indicates a confrontation in the global construction machinery industry, and the future industrial pattern and competition situation are likely to be rewritten. Wang Min said, "world-class enterprises continue to promote strategic transformation, sinking from high-end to medium and low-end, and vigorously promote localization in the Chinese market; at the same time, Chinese manufacturers have impacted on the high-end market through technology and product upgrading. It can be said that the strongest enterprises at home and abroad have now met head-on."

Hou Yunchun, deputy director of the development research center of the State Council, made a keynote speech

"the brave win when they meet on a narrow road". China's construction machinery manufacturing industry cannot lose its strategic focus because of the temporary downturn of the market. It must return from the previous excited era and calm down to study and work hard. Being rational, practical, rigorous and progressive should become our new attitude and spiritual pursuit. "

chairman Wang Min received an exclusive interview with CCTV, CNR, Hong Kong Wen Wei Po, China business daily and other media

this is the "new industrial spirit" advocated by XCMG. It is a rational thinking of sustainable development, a pragmatic and focused thinking of anchoring goals, enduring loneliness, and penetrating to the end. It is not opportunistic, lazy, slack, divorced from reality, and not focus on tackling high-purity electrolyte preparation and compounding technology halfway The persistence and professionalism of high specific volume electrode and high temperature resistant diaphragm preparation technology are the preciseness and acme of accuracy, rigor and thoughtfulness, and the realm and pursuit of refinement. The new industrial spirit has created XCMG's "sustainable development path", planned and made decisions on XCMG's reform and innovation, transformation and upgrading, and stability, and is committed to bringing lasting success to its business partners in the whole value chain

XCMG led the construction machinery industry to build "transformation values"

the construction machinery industry has been operating in the trough for more than four years, with fierce industry competition and serious overcapacity. This cold and anoxic "Plateau State" has triggered another round of card shuffling in the construction machinery industry. Wang Min said, "construction machinery is a fully market-oriented and competitive industry. In the face of the in-depth adjustment stage of the industry, industry leaders should strengthen business transformation, break through high-end technology, pay attention to customer needs, and grasp the domestic and foreign markets. Even against the trend, excellent enterprises will maintain the performance of the strong"

sun Jianzhong, vice president of XCMG machinery, attended the summit dialogue of industry leaders

300 large excavators were exported overseas, 200 skid steer loaders were shipped to sea, and 50 concrete mixer trucks went abroad. XCMG, with frequent reports of good news, has become a competitive force in the global construction machinery giants. In Europe and the United States and other high-end markets, XCMG has been in a direct confrontation with the world's leading enterprises: cranes are the world's first brand, road rollers are exported to the United States in batches, the largest tonnage excavator cylinders in China are exported to Australia, and piling equipment has the first market share in Turkey

Wang Min pointed out: "When customers' needs are diversified, we must adhere to the strategy and tactics of combining upgrading and dimensionality reduction. Upgrading is to promote the transformation and upgrading of business models. We not only sell products, but also provide customers with the best complete set of solutions. On the other hand, no matter how the market changes and the environment changes, we must always focus on the improvement of product technology and quality, which is the core competitiveness of an enterprise." 。

chairman Wang Min's on-site media interview

upgrading and dimensionality reduction are dialectically unified on the needs of customers. Dimension upgrading is a new transformation from production-oriented to service-oriented, and a new transformation from the traditional development mode with product manufacturing as the core to providing complete solutions based on products. XCMG understands this. "What we provide our customers is not only a simple product, but an overall solution integrating various service forms. XCMG wants to become a globally trusted engineering equipment solution service provider."

dimension reduction is to continue to focus on product technology innovation and quality improvement. Global industrial competition is rooted in products, and the key lies in quality and technology. China's equipment manufacturing must move from price to quality and brand. "I often say stick to it. Stick to it not only means XCMG sticks to the main business of construction machinery and is not tempted by other interests; stick to it also means that we focus on, focus on and tamp the most basic and important products, technologies and manufacturing, and achieve the 'summit of Mount Everest' of the global industry bit by bit."

Luchuan, vice president of XCMG machinery, kicked off the global crane summit and China top 100 hoisting summit.

in this brand competition, Wang Min believed that China's construction machinery industry must create a "all-round champion". "Without truly qualified and reputable product quality, it will be difficult for us to continue to survive. This is a matter of life and death. We should really pay attention to customers, explore diversified needs, achieve full sowing and secondary flowering, and create an 'all-round champion'.". The "all-round champion" represents XCMG's determination to enter high-end equipment manufacturing

vice president Lu Chuan made a keynote speech at the summit

it is XCMG's dream to manufacture "durable products" and "different products", and the products should also be liked by customers, which are comfortable, reassuring and reassuring to use. Wang Min said, "we hope to leave the user experience: the product is first-class, the price is reasonable, and the service is unmatched by others. More importantly, it can represent the quality and culture of Chinese brands, and can think of the sincerity and kindness of Chinese people."

four in one to create a "source of water" for XCMG's development

whether at present or in the future, the construction machinery industry may still experience pain and adjustment; But for the future, Chinese enterprises should be firm in heart and decisive in action. "Chinese enterprises must take the initiative to initiate a massive and all-round major change and upgrade.". Adhere to the "four in one" of reform, innovation and internationalization, and create a "source of fresh water" for XCMG's development, which is the new growth momentum XCMG seeks to promote transformation and upgrading

yangdongsheng, vice president of XCMG machinery, participated in the loader and bulldozer industry leaders' Forum

stick to and create a source of direction

XCMG has been deeply involved in the construction machinery industry for decades, and adhere to the general direction of reform and innovation. In this way, XCMG can always unswervingly, indomitably and constantly move forward in the midst of the hardships of the wind and rain. Wang Min said, "to complete the summit, we should first firmly believe in the future of the industry and have the determination and confidence to stick to the main business of construction machinery and not be tempted by other interests."

industry persistence and responsibility are the blood and soul of XCMG. In the face of the new normal of China's economy turning into medium and high-speed growth and the difficulties of the world economy getting rid of the downturn, XCMG should take on the mission of revitalizing the national high-end equipment manufacturing industry and rushing to the peak of the global construction machinery industry, comprehensively benchmark the most advanced enterprises and products in the global industry, comprehensively launch new ideas, new tricks and new formats, and comprehensively improve the quality of enterprise assets Profitability and core competitiveness, continue to adhere to and reform and innovation with stubbornness

zhanghanxu, deputy general manager of XCMG hoisting machinery division, participated in the hoisting industry leaders' Forum

reform, creating a power source

Wang Min said, "the door of industrial reform has been completely pushed open, changes are happening anytime, anywhere, and the past development path is unsustainable". The new normal of economy and industry provides a time window for the reform and adjustment of enterprises. Reform and innovation are the magic weapon for XCMG to constantly break through in opportunities and challenges. XCMG should promote a deeper comprehensive reform, step on the stone and leave a mark on the iron, and use new strategies, strategies, methods, mechanisms and models to cope with the industry downturn, so as to maximize creativity, vitality, efficiency and efficiency

XCMG should thoroughly come out of the high growth in the past, innovate manufacturing processes, management and control modes, marketing strategies and service schemes, reverse and innovate marketing modes and business models, improve the industrial chain system, and strengthen refinement

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