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Recently, Jiangsu XCMG Information Technology Co., Ltd. obtained the certificate of "software enterprises should also pay attention to loading speed when using pressure testing machines" issued by the China software enterprise evaluation Alliance on July 25, 2016, marking that the company successfully passed the identification of "double software" and its quality has been improved again. According to relevant policies, after being recognized as a software enterprise, enterprises can enjoy the preferential tax policy of "two exemptions and three reductions by half" of income tax from the profit-making year

software enterprise certificate

XCMG information company has achieved scale development in software R & D and sales after two years of operation. In the first half of 2016, it has obtained eight software product certificates, including MES software products and XCMG asphalt concrete global collaborative production management system software

software product certificate

around the development outline of made in China 2025, XCMG information company focuses on building and completing PI products based on big data and Cloud Architecture + it is understood that the integrated intelligent manufacturing solution of MES software platform not only solves the communication protocol of all CNC machine tools in the market, realizes the dialogue between people and machines, but also realizes the lightweight, modularization and configurability of MES product platform, The implementation cycle of traditional MES products is reduced from six months to two weeks. The innovative mode of bottom + application + product has achieved a subversion of the MES industry and has been deeply applied to the wind power industry. At the same time, by comprehensively benchmarking advanced technologies at home and abroad, XCMG information company has independently developed and designed a new generation IOT platform based on M2M unified communication protocol and advanced big data technologies such as Hadoop, Kafka, storm, which integrates a standardized, highly concurrent, collaborative, pan connected open platform and ecological environment. At present, it has been applied in the army. In the future, the company's software products will focus on platform, modularization and deep data mining after big data unloading, so as to build software products that can quickly deploy and continuously meet the needs of users, and comprehensively promote the further improvement of the company's software products

the acquisition of the "double software" qualification not only consolidated the company's independent intellectual property rights, helped to further give play to the development advantages in software technology and software products, but also played a positive role in guiding and promoting the company's sustainable innovation and development and building a high-quality software enterprise

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