The hottest unmanned stores in Beijing sell robots

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Beijing unmanned store landing: use robots to "sell" robots

on January 14, 2018, an unmanned store appeared in Beijing. This unmanned store is the 2017 Beijing chain store under tmall, but the shopping guide is not a beautiful shopping guide sister, but a cute tmall elf. What kind of species is the cute tmall elf? Decide to find out

sales is also an unfathomable knowledge. People often say that every line produces the best. On January 14, 2018, an unmanned store appeared in Beijing. This unmanned store is the Beijing chain store under tmall. But the shopping guide is not a beautiful shopping guide sister, but a cute tmall elf. What kind of species is the cute tmall elf? Decide to find out

it turns out that tmall genie is an intelligent robot. Tmall uses robots to sell robots as a gimmick, which attracts many people to the scene to watch and buy. This sales method is unique in the domestic market. Not only that, it is also found that this is a new retail uninhabited experience store created by tmall for the "tmall robot Festival", which includes 12 brands, including covos, youbixuan, Dajiang, 360, Xiaomi, iRobot, Neato, Dyson, etc. these brands make consumers feel tmall's full intelligent lifestyle at a close distance

it is understood that tmall Genie once brought the atmosphere to the highest point at the scene, and the sales activities were in full swing. Tmall Genie incarnated as a shopping guide, leading the masses to show the skills of robots such as family cleaning, cooking, emotional companionship, and educational companionship, which attracted many consumers to buy by scanning the code after the on-site experience

turning to the brief history of tmall robot, we can know that in 2009, tmall started hatching the category of floor sweeping robots, which has increased at a rapid rate every year since then. Up to now, the whole category of robots has grown vigorously and derived robot products in different situations that people need, including floor sweeping robots, window cleaning robots, purifier robots, service robots Educational robots and video call robots, all kinds of robots were born, providing a lot of convenience for the convenience of life

it is understood that tmall is the first comprehensive large-scale sales enterprise in China to launch robot sales, and the first platform for online robot sales. Zhang Li, vice president of sales and marketing of International Robot giant iRobot and general manager of China, said: "tmall not only helped iRobot quickly open up the Chinese market, but also made the vast number of Chinese consumers quickly understand and accept this new consumer product, floor sweeping robot."

Zhang Li also said that relying on tmall's strong marketing strategy and strong technical strength, iRobot can interact more effectively with target consumer groups and continuously improve product design through the recycling of consumer opinions. "IRobot hopes to work with tmall to introduce the most cutting-edge technologies and products to Chinese consumers, so that Chinese consumers can enjoy a better life with scientific and technological achievements faster."

as a domestic brand of sweeping robots hatched on tmall, domestic brand covos needed to use pulling machines in all mechanical fields of tmall double 11 last year. With a sweeping robot dd35, it achieved a sales result of 130000 units a day. The sales performance shows that robot people are constantly going deep into our lives and helping us improve the quality of life

last year, "cooking robots" became the category with the fastest growth rate of small household appliances, with a growth rate of nearly 1000%, of which women accounted for 60%. As another newly hatched category on tmall, the sales scale of window cleaning robot has also exceeded 100million in 2017, and the consumption object is increasing. Hangzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Beijing are the five major cities with significant purchase demand, which are the top5 cities for robot purchase in China. From the perspective of brands, covos, Dyson, iRobot, Neato, Haier, and pusanyi have made all measurement and control systems more accurate. Domestic and foreign home service robot brands such as K, Philips, Midea, Xiaomi, 360, and stone have also settled in tmall. As a new robot incubation and sales platform, tmall will incubate more kinds of robots in the future according to the growing personalized needs of consumers

from January 16 to January 17 this year, tmall jointly held the "tmall robot Festival" with many companies. 360 life appliances will also enter tmall for the first time. On the same day, its first super new product of life appliances - sweeping robot will be launched exclusively in tmall worldwide. Moreover, Neato, an innovative brand in Silicon Valley in the United States, also synchronized its new sweeping robot products in 2018 with the CES exhibition in the United States, and made an exclusive debut on tmall

at present, the pace of life is quite fast, and the pressure is too great. Many adults have sub-health. At this time, we need to find an exit to relax and enjoy life. Robots are not only needed in the field of scientific research. When intelligence has become a trend of life, using robots will make human life easier, and it is also a new experience required by modern life's first way of living. From the sales activities of tmall elf selling robots, it is not difficult for us to see that humans need the help of robots to improve our quality of life

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