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Upgrading equipment dw-900-1200 automatic single-sided corrugated paper line

Jiangsu Wujin Tenglong plastic machine Co., Ltd. recently launched dw-900-1200 automatic single-sided corrugated paper board production line, which is a horizontal three roll rolling production line, which is designed and manufactured with reference to the advantages and advantages of 1600 single-sided corrugated machines at home and abroad

the equipment is based on the insufficient operation of large machines, high cost and waste 2 It is a new product developed because of its large terminology, low efficiency and poor quality of manual single machine, which can not well adapt to the production demand of corrugated board. It is formed by web support and single-sided corrugation @5. Press reset and then press the peak key to stop automatically Machine and rotary slitter are composed of three parts, using web paper as paper material, continuous operation and automatic cutting into high-quality single-sided corrugated board of required specifications. The production process is advanced, with a high degree of automation, low power consumption and high efficiency. It is suitable for small and medium-sized batch production carton factories. It has convenient operation and maintenance and reliable performance. It is an ideal equipment for small and medium-sized color printing packaging industry and carton upgrading

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