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Upgrade service standard Kaima uses action to escort users

upgrade service standard Kaima uses action to escort users

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with the successful launch of Hamma power and soda gearbox, just like the original Valin heavy truck, Valin Xingma once again showed the role of dark horse transformation in the industry. After the above-mentioned new products were put on the market, coupled with the continuous increase in the ownership of Valin heavy trucks and Xingma special vehicles, it can be said that the original service network and service concept of Valin Xingma can no longer meet the needs of the market. In order to overcome the shortcomings, Kaima service company under Valin Xingma has comprehensively upgraded its service system, so as to protect Hanma power from occupying the market. Recently, the author accompanied Ge Xiaosheng, general manager of Kema service company, when visiting the markets of Shanghai and Zhejiang, and also personally felt the changes after the service upgrade

change 1: the service is more proactive and full-service

people familiar with Valin Xingma have heard of the "nanny" service brand. After years of dedicated efforts, the "nanny" service brand of Valin Xingma has become one of the most critical core competitiveness of the enterprise. In order to further enhance the service competitiveness of Valin Xingma, this year, Valin Xingma has upgraded the "nanny" service brand and put forward the brand concept of "big service". When asked why Valin Xingma upgraded its mature service brand, Ge Xiaosheng explained: "adjustment is the need for Valin Xingma to upgrade its service. The old" nanny "brand concept focuses more on providing services to users when users have problems, so that users have no concerns. For Valin Xingma, it is no longer the stage of simply passively providing services, but to further meet the potential needs of users, actively care for users, and actively create value for users. "

it can be said that the transformation from "nanny" to "big service" is a strong proof of the transformation of Valin Xingma from passive service to active service, and it is also an important embodiment of Valin Xingma's service transformation and innovation. "Originally, we were more to meet user service needs, that is, passive needs, but now we have put forward a comprehensive customer relationship management, to actively care for users and create value for users," Ge Xiaosheng said

change 2: practice the goal with practical actions

in order to adapt to the new service requirements of the market, Kaima company has formulated a series of new service policies, actively carried out service innovation, and carried out a series of service improvement work, such as enabling the after-sales service management system of Valin Xingma DMS, especially increasing the training of maintenance, use and maintenance knowledge of Hanma power and natural gas products; Adjust service policies and enhance the enthusiasm of service stations; Further improve the guarantee ability of market accessories; Strengthen training and improve service ability and service level; Prepare the operation instructions of Hanma power and Valin axle; Advocate "nanny" quality service, improve the quality information feedback mechanism, comprehensively improve the after-sales service level and market competitiveness, deepen reform, explore and innovate, etc

in addition, according to ge Xiaosheng, in order to better realize accessories, 7. Hydraulic oil: it is necessary to often check the liquid level of the oil tank and replenish oil in time; Generally, the oil should be changed every 2000 to 4000 hours; However, the important thing of Zui is that the oil temperature should not exceed the sales target of 70 ℃, and the after-sales service has also been greatly adjusted. All middle-level cadres of Kaima company have been rotated, and the change of the person in charge of overseas service in each province and region is more than 50%. Only in this way can the mental state, working attitude and work style of employees change, and they can also be fully familiar with and understand the relevant work of other departments, and seize the opportunity of this adjustment to improve their business level, This is the real intention of the company. Job rotation is also the system established by the company all the time. A good system lays a good foundation for creating conditions in the future. Only by establishing a good system can we produce talents early, quickly and well

change 3: cultivate more cute people

Ge Xiaosheng told the author that Kaima company is developing and growing, and many old after-sales service personnel have made great contributions, especially when Valin was put into the market in the early stage, the "Autobots" service team prepared has grown from 2 or 3 people to hundreds now, realizing the great strategic shift of the company. Although there are many old employees in after-sales service, the next step is to add new employees and cultivate young people. They are hope, future and motivation. Liuhanru, chairman of Valin Xingma, once said that service is the top priority of the company, especially in the process of structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of the company. It is important to recognize the situation and position, and whether the products produced can form a good reputation and seize the market is inseparable from service. It can be said that "sales is the leader, and service is the guarantee". According to ge Xiaosheng, in order to have a better understanding of hammar power products, all after-sales service personnel of Kema will rotate to the above two companies for training. Only those who are familiar with the products can be handy in the follow-up work. All the training is not to learn maintenance, but to cultivate yourself into a technical specialist to prevent counterfeit parts from affecting the normal use of the engine. In addition, Kema will also increase service vehicles, improve the traffic conditions of service personnel, be closer to users, and solve problems for users

change 4: services are more timely and high-quality

at present, all enterprises have certain problems of service timeliness. Valin Xingma has always been at the forefront of the industry in terms of sexual services due to the temperature. "Service timeliness" will ensure that problems are handled in a timely manner after receiving the user's information feedback at the first time. At present, all service stations in Kaima have reserved sufficient accessories, which shortens the maintenance time and avoids the loss of users caused by the long maintenance time caused by insufficient accessories. The price protection policy adopted by Valin Xingma can ensure that users enjoy the lowest price of accessories. The type II sample is a rectangular strip sample with equal cross-section, avoiding the price rise caused by market factors. For this, when the author visited the market, sun Xingxing, general manager of Shanghai Qiren automobile sales company, said that the service policy of Valin Xingma has been the best in the industry, and the policy of upgrading the service this time is better. In terms of these policies, other manufacturers can never do, which will greatly improve the service quality and efficiency, and make Valin Xingma service firmly occupy the leading position in the industry. As a partner of Valin Xingma, We also plan to start providing services as a growth point for our diversified development and profit sources

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