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Uncover the driving force behind BOE's interactive electronic whiteboard solution

on October 25, 2018, TPK and cambrios held an SNW technology exchange in Shenzhen, and announced the nano silver touch solution for the first time to the outside world. It threw a big shock bomb on more than 200 upstream and downstream enterprises and media on the scene, making the industry more aware of the capabilities of nano silver and the vertical integration service of TPK and cambrios, There is also an expectation for products

it is reported that on March 29, BOE held a "interactive electronic whiteboard rules, and the fracture is within the middle section of the gauge length. TPK and cambrios cooperated with BOE to supply 65, 75 and 86 inch interactive electronic whiteboard nano silver touch solutions, leading the super large-size touch screen, which is undoubtedly a great affirmation and support for nano silver in the industry. If Beijing can achieve this, orient positioning is an IOT company that provides intelligent port products and professional services for information interaction and human health, and is a global leader in the field of semiconductor display

at the press conference, TPK CEO Xie Liqun once again stressed that TPK, in combination with cambrios Tiancai innovative materials, the world's first breakthrough in nano silver touch technology, will continue to provide a complete vertical integration program, from raw materials (materials), sensors (sensors) to touch screens (TP), one-stop service is to provide complete technical support to accelerate product development and production

tpk has also been building a special production base for nano silver, providing intelligent one-stop vertical integrated production with advanced 1600 mm ultra large spoke production technology. The products have passed rigorous reliability verification, including UV test, high temperature, high humidity and other tests, passed the most rigorous quality specifications and product verification, and are guaranteed by national laboratories, It is expected to provide 180000 pieces of 65 inch to 100 inch super large touch screen products with the highest quality per month

65, 75 and 86 inch interactive electronic whiteboards were displayed at the press conference. Compared with infrared touch control, nano silver has the advantages of long service life, high signal to noise ratio, high sensitivity, and supports up to 40 finger multi-point touch and four high-precision capacitive active pens. It can effectively provide a better use experience of interactive electronic whiteboards in the field of intelligent education and business conferences. In addition, the characteristics and applicability of nano silver exceed ITO and metal lattice, which is undoubtedly the most matching solution for interactive electronic whiteboard

the high-precision capacitive active pen can not only support writing in four different colors at the same time, but also adjust the ID on the active pen in time to achieve the action of quickly switching colors. In addition, the pressure detection of the active pen can reach 1024 levels, and can write at an oblique angle, so that users can freely adjust their strokes and interact flexibly on the electronic whiteboard like writing calligraphy

silver itself is an ultra-high conductive material. After nanocrystallization, the conductive film formed by nano silver has excellent optical properties of high penetration and lower haze. Therefore, the key technology of nano silver is nothing more than "fine", which can be effectively applied to the display touch screen. 5 Argo is also fully developing the corresponding financial services

cambrios' nano silver film. After six months of efforts, the diameter has been reduced by 10%, as low as 9nm, and the haze problem has been greatly improved, reducing the haze by 25% to only 0.15%, ranking the leading position in the industry. In addition, the nano silver film can withstand more than 400000 bends, 100 times a day, and it will not be a problem for 10 years

Cambrios began to invest in the research and development of nano silver in 2004, and has the earliest and original patent. Cambrios' global nano silver patents account for 70%, and the number of patents has also increased to 186, which are distributed in major advanced countries such as China, the United States, the European Union, Japan and South Korea, from front-end nano silver synthesis, conductive film to terminal touch screen module. Such a complete patent layout is to provide customers with a perfect protection and avoid worrying about problems related to intellectual property

it is understood that TPK and cambrios served as speakers at the "2019 Global Conference on new display touch technology and applied materials industry" and "ICDT" respectively, and reported the technology of nano silver flexible touch to the industry. In addition, he has also confirmed to be a guest speaker of the "2019 folding screen Innovation Technology Summit" and the "first flexible foldable AMOLED industrialization technology summit"

the nano silver wire technology of TPK and cambrios has been recognized and valued by the industry in emerging markets, and the shadow of nano silver has been seen in products. TPK and cambrios have promoted a new touch revolution with breakthrough nano silver technology, which is bound to lead the world and look forward to the world

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