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Upgrading efficiency and sustainable and healthy development of heavy machinery industry recently, the seventh second member congress and the Third Council of China Heavy Machinery Industry Association were held in Beijing. Since 2012, the downward pressure on the operation of heavy machinery industry has increased year by year, with obvious cyclical characteristics and new normal characteristics. In particular, the national regulation and control policy of "three deletions, one reduction and one subsidy" has set the number and time for the annual completion of the reduction of excess capacity in steel, coal, building materials and other industries in 2016. These industries are the traditional fields that have served the heavy machinery industry for more than 60 years, which have brought great impact and impact on the production and operation and long-term planning of enterprises. At the same time, the requirements of reducing costs, making up for weaknesses and green development put forward by the state also put forward new directions and topics for the sustainable development of the industry. Li Jing, executive vice president of the heavy machinery association, elaborated on the current situation and development direction of the industry in the work report of the association

the growth rate of heavy machinery industry last year was 1.5%

according to authoritative data released by heavy machinery, in 2016, China's GDP growth was 6.7%, and the main business income of the machinery industry was 24.55 trillion yuan, an increase of 7.44% year-on-year. The main business income of the heavy machinery industry in 2016 was 1.23 trillion yuan, with a growth rate of 1.50%, an increase of 0.89 percentage points over the previous year, better than the expectation of -3% at the beginning of the year; The profit decreased by 13.36% year-on-year, and the total import and export volume decreased by 13.64% year-on-year; It is one of the industries with relatively slow growth rate in the whole machinery industry. In the first quarter, the main business income of the industry increased by 9.39% year-on-year, with a year-on-year increase of 7.37 percentage points; The profit margin was 5.22%, an increase of 0.6 percentage points

according to the summary analysis of all aspects, the growth rate of the main revenue of heavy machinery in 2017 will reach more than 3~5%, which is much better than that in 2016

extensive operation, weak intelligent manufacturing technology

Li Jing said that the number of heavy machinery enterprises is large, the development mode of most enterprises is still relatively extensive, the product characteristics are not obvious, the technology development is mostly follow-up, the innovative talents are insufficient and sometimes lost, the technology research and development investment is insufficient, the innovation ability is not strong, and the practice of the current new technology and business model is not much, and the experience is insufficient. Large enterprises are large but not strong, the quality level is not high and unstable, there are not many well-known brands, and the international high-end market share is low. Backbone enterprises have few new core technologies, relatively weak innovation foundation, relatively slow introduction of new technologies, and weak ability to adapt to the market. In the current national opportunities of "adjusting structure, making up for weaknesses and reducing costs", it is difficult to make a difference because of the lack of grasp

intelligent manufacturing technology is weak. Most products and production are far from realizing automatic control, the foundation of intelligent control technology is insufficient, and the upgrading of products and services is relatively slow, which can not meet the requirements of users in automation and informatization. Under the background of the gradual disappearance of cost advantage, the value-added space of traditional industries is limited

the complete set of engineering technology level is low, and the competitiveness of large-scale projects is not strong. Lack of experience in "going out" and poor ability to resist risks

the development of modern service industry is in its infancy, the effect of most enterprises is far lower than expected, and the overall operation quality of the industry is not high

vicious competition among enterprises has compressed the profit space of enterprises. The aftereffect of low price competition makes it impossible for enterprises to invest in technological upgrading

independent innovation, quality improvement and efficiency increase

Li Jing's work report emphasizes that the idea of the work of the heavy machinery industry association in 2017 is to implement the spirit of the central economic work and the strategic plan of made in China 2025, further promote the supply side structural reform, implement the manufacturing power strategy, and take "consolidating the foundation, independent innovation, quality improvement and efficiency increase, transformation and development" as the baseline, Adhere to investigation and research and typical guidance, actively promote structural adjustment, short board, transformation and steady growth, and strive to maintain the trend of "stable and good", so as to achieve the sustainable and healthy development of the heavy machinery industry

most enterprises in the heavy machinery industry have declined significantly in the downward range of this round. The prominent problem is that there is a big gap with advantageous enterprises in terms of technological innovation, management and other basic aspects. Some enterprises do not pay attention to collecting users' process needs and problems in use, and the commodities provided are too generic; Some enterprises order Hershey "radish is fast, don't wash mud", relax quality management and technical improvement, and finally unable to obtain orders; Some enterprises do not pay attention to cost analysis, do not pay attention to reducing costs through technological innovation, and the cost remains high; Some enterprises lack basic technical data in developing new products and do not engage in experimental verification, so that the good products they have worked hard to produce cannot find users. Even if they do heavy-duty tests on the user's site, they will cause losses to users and enterprises and lose the market. Under the new normal, if there is no strong data and basic technology to support, it will not be able to meet the requirements of development and lose the opportunity of structural adjustment

heavy machinery industry belongs to a single piece, small batch, customized and high-cost industry. Due to the great impact of raw materials and cost changes, quality fluctuations, enterprise personnel mobility and economic situation, it is necessary to consolidate the basic work including enterprise database, basic parts, basic materials, basic process technology and design, experiment, standard and information infrastructure platform construction. And the analysis of relevant data is the most important basic work of Mr. Qi you

use big data, Internet and other information technologies to collect information and data on product development, market demand, production and operation. By expanding the amount of data, constantly revising the mathematical model, and purposefully improving the own technology of design, manufacturing and use, it is the basic skill for enterprises to seek product upgrading and market competition

to consolidate the foundation, we need to persevere. First, we need to build an innovation platform and design cloud platform, and add virtual design, reliability design, optimization design and collaborative design to the current technical design; Second, do a good job in professional basic data investigation, and actively participate in the formulation of green standards and specifications such as energy efficiency (or energy consumption), environmental protection emissions, safety and quality levels. Third, strengthen laboratory construction. With the support of governments at all levels, establish the construction of innovation centers (including key laboratories, engineering centers, design centers, etc.), build an open high-end innovation platform, gather talents, and provide support for the research of new technologies and the development of personalized new products. Fourth, starting from reducing operating costs, we should find the running, emitting, dripping and leaking in operation, and scientifically improve the management system. Fifth, constantly upgrade the information support platform to create conditions for cloud manufacturing and cloud services

new kinetic energy to enhance the development of the industry

the technological development of heavy machinery is shifting from introduction, digestion and absorption to independent research and development. In recent years, the industry has successfully developed a number of internationally advanced technology products, such as complete sets of hot and cold continuous steel rolling equipment, 10000 ton oil presses, large ship lifts, 75 cubic meter mining excavators, large mining mills, 20000 ton gantry cranes, 500 meter diameter SkyEye feed drive systems, large special robots and intelligent parking equipment systems. However, in the new round of intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing and lean manufacturing, The whole industry is still at a low level. In accordance with the development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing", we strive to implement the "national innovation driven development strategy outline" and the "guiding opinions on structural adjustment, transformation and benefit increase of the machinery industry" issued by the state. In the "short board", we focus on the following links: first, don't easily give up traditional advantages, and focus on reliability, performance and efficiency on the basis of existing products Innovation and upgrading in green environmental protection and safety. Second, adopt new theories and new schemes to develop new technologies and short board products; Third, research and develop new materials and processes. Combined with the national strong foundation project, we should choose our own key research objectives in the market segments, and work hard from the aspects of ingredient formula, production process, tools and tooling, process equipment, etc; Fourth, pay attention to integration and system innovation, make full use of their own platform advantages and social resources, and transform them into comprehensive service capabilities through innovation; Fifth, create a good mass entrepreneurship environment according to the "mass entrepreneurship and innovation model", establish a fault-tolerant mechanism, and try to give full play to the enterprise staff and social professional operators. They should learn to find problems and eliminate people's enthusiasm for independent innovation, so as to cultivate new drivers of innovation and development

in order to cooperate with the independent innovation of enterprises and the adjustment of product structure, the association has collected 11 supporting guides including "made in China 2025", the "13th five year plan" of traditional service fields and related industries that can expand services, a total of 41

fight the battle of "harmony and province"

with the completion of China's well-off society, people's consumption concept has changed from "yes or no" to "good or bad". The heavy machinery industry also needs to comply with the market trend, improve to "harmony and province", strive to transform extensive management into lean production, and change the quality concept from meeting quality requirements to production consistency and improving product reliability. Pay attention to the promotion of craftsmanship and inform the world trade organization that by the end of the year, it will stop the import of 24 types of recyclables and solid waste gods, stabilize the technician team, create processes and process equipment that reflect its own corporate culture, and cultivate products into characteristic brand products that can occupy one side. The state has launched the quality improvement project and brand cultivation plan, and hopes that member units will pay attention to promoting the cultivation of their own brands

Li Jing believes that there are two main aspects of efficiency increase, including manufacturing enterprises and user units; On the one hand, it is to increase enterprise benefits, on the other hand, it is to improve production efficiency. Only by making profits can we expand reproduction. Zero profits are not running enterprises, but welfare undertakings. Under the bad external price environment, reducing production and operation costs has become an eternal task for enterprises. At present, some enterprises are destroying their own enterprises by cutting corners to obtain orders and profits by reducing material specifications and models and process and technical requirements. To improve efficiency, we should constantly make a revolution. First, we should develop and improve products. The design and process costs determine more than 80% of the total cost of products. We should be good at using new technologies, new materials and new design methods. The company also announced the launch of visijet cr-bk, constantly making efforts to improve product performance, reliability, energy conservation and environmental protection, and provide users with products that comply with laws and regulations and obtain benefits. The second is to organize grassroots personnel to carry out innovation activities of process and technological transformation, and set up innovation funds or technological innovation awards, so that the innovation of employees combined with practical activities can be more grounded

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