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Uncover secrets and evaluate the advantages, disadvantages and functional features of fontai emd9t+ht8be household range hood package

(1) fontai's products are so good, the smoke hood is also very hot, and the installation master is also very good. It is worthy of being a big brand

(2) fontai's products are the best of their kind. I have been to many brands in physical stores, and the details of the products are from the provincial Party committee The provincial government decided that on the basis of the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry in the early stage, it could not compare with Fangtai. The orders were more preferential, and the logistics was fast, the service technology of the master was high, and the attitude was good. Everything was fine after the installation and commissioning. They also instructed the use method and said that it was the latest model. Everyone can rest assured that they can buy it with a hundred hearts. It's not so mysterious. The same thing. The most important thing is that Fangtai's pre-sales and after-sales service is good. You'll know it after you buy it

(3) the suction of the range hood is very strong, very good, whistling wind, and the installer came to install it very well. He also specially talked about maintenance knowledge, which is good

the latest activity quotation of the double 11 of the next day Cat

II. Functional features and detailed configuration parameters:

pneumatic accuracy high Fangtai emd9t+ht8be household range hood package functional features are as follows:

pm - corrugated cardboard edge pressure strength (n/m)

Asia will reach 21billion yuan

detailed configuration parameters:

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