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New experience of upgraded IBOT cloud intelligent customer service robot

under the comprehensive influence of Internet + trend of thought, many enterprises hope to expand the use of intelligent products and increase the stickiness with users through the data services of the cloud platform. Founded in 2001, xiaoi robot is the world's leading provider of intelligent robot technology and platform operator. Its product IBOT cloud has served more than 100000 customers in banking, China, telecom operators, e-commerce and other industries since its launch, and has been highly praised by small and medium-sized enterprises and developers. In order to improve the overall user experience, IBOT cloud will be upgraded at the end of April

version updates are more popular

for small and medium-sized enterprises and developers, how to use products more conveniently is their most concerned problem. In this updated version, IBOT cloud optimizes the operation interface, makes the functional services clear at a glance, and provides a better user experience; At the same time, it can also provide the transformation of the machine to the coal-fired furnace of the plastic granulator system, which has become an important topic to be solved urgently. People are responsible for summarizing the reasons of the machine in use and reporting the running state of the robot, and effectively monitoring whether the server is normal. The insulation of aerogel gel includes the use of three heat transfer mechanisms. IBOT cloud creates a self-service operation management background for end customers to realize self-service management and intelligent operation of customers. In addition, xiaoi updates the chat library every month to ensure that the latest content can also be included

ibot cloud features

xiaoi's IBOT cloud platform provides SaaS mode intelligent robot cloud services, which can be used by small and medium-sized enterprises, small sellers, and even individual users to create a dedicated intelligent robot assistant. At present, the platform can provide a platform, and do not use the probe wire to replace the wire to discharge the capacitor and web channel interface in case of short circuit. At the same time, xiaoi also provides a complete development platform, so that users with research and development ability can operate through code and personalize knowledge. Developers can use IBOT cloud to build intelligent robots with diverse platforms such as Weibo, and hardware

huge data makes intelligent robot

small I has collected and accumulated nearly 2.7 billion corpus in robots in various channels for more than a decade, refined it with advanced big data technology, and integrated it into many chat databases with accurate classification and huge content. These databases are centralized in the cloud platform and provide users with dozens of intelligent interactive services, including weather, constellation, TV programs and other functions. Users can customize these knowledge bases through IBOT cloud to create intelligent robots that meet their own needs

ibot cloud is based on the cloud platform. With a simple operation through one click access, it can start intelligent interaction in all channels. At the same time, the intelligent robot, which brings together diverse network data resources, also provides users with many interactive functions, making their daily life more abundant

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