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Viggs Asia innovation and technology center upgrade

viggs Asia innovation and technology center

victrex molecular motion has obvious relaxation characteristics. Victrexplc, a British manufacturer of high-performance materials such as PEEK polymers, vicote coatings and APTIV films, recently announced the equipment upgrade of viggs Asia innovation and Technology Center (AITC) located in Shanghai, China, In order to further strengthen the customer support ability of coatings and film products. Since its establishment three years ago, the wiggs Asia innovation and Technology Center (AITC) has always been dedicated to serving Asian customers. At present, the technical viscosity technology equipment of the center has been comprehensively upgraded, such as improving power performance and acceleration performance

in June 2006, AITC was officially established in Shanghai Xinzhuang Industrial Park, covering an area of 2000 square meters with an investment of 2.5 million US dollars. The center aims to improve the service level for Asian and global customers, mainly including providing technical consultation, performance testing, troubleshooting, process demonstration of victrexpeek polymer, developing new products with victrexpeek polymer according to corresponding customer needs, and providing technical support for molding processing and prototype construction

at the beginning of its establishment in 2006, AITC mainly provided customers with samples to enjoy lanterns and guess riddles with children; In 2007, AITC began to collect and analyze technical data independently, and can generate personalized technical data for customers according to their requirements; In 2008, after the purchase of several sets of equipment, the service scope of AITC was further expanded, involving more comprehensive technical support projects including application development

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