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Uncover the functional configuration and advantages and disadvantages evaluation of the new sweeping robot with covos dn55 laser navigation

this new sweeping robot with covos dn55 laser navigation is a new sweeping machine in 2018, and its performance is relatively strong. Let's take a look at the functional features, price, configuration, and user comments on the advantages and disadvantages of this covos dn55, which may help you choose for reference

functional features:

covos Dibao dn55, as the annual high-end flagship sweeping robot launched by covos in 2018, has improved its overall intelligence and cleaning ability. The planned sweeping robot has gradually become the mainstream. The Dibao dn55 lidar ranging sensor is hidden under the bulge behind the fuselage. It can constantly detect the distance of surrounding things through high-speed rotation. Combined with SLAM algorithm, the measured data can be converted into graphics. Smart Navi 2.0 can not only let the robot understand the indoor layout, but also realize real-time mapping by connecting ecovac home app

during each cleaning, covos Dibao dn55 will automatically enter 2 and technical conditions according to the cleaned space, and we can choose freely during cleaning, just a little. The function of constituency is very practical when there are people at home, which can avoid the interference of noise. You can watch TV in the living room and let it clean in another room by itself. After closing the door, it won't be too noisy

in terms of price: the relevant government departments of this kovos D should give sufficient say to the domestic testing instruments. The promotional price of N55 in the flagship store of kovos is ¥ 2399.00. Click here to check the latest activity quotation. If you need friends, you might as well contact this one. It is more valuable to start with an activity

start with user's advantages and disadvantages evaluation:


advantages of covos floor sweeping robot floor treasure dn55: the floor sweeping function is very powerful, easy to use, easy to operate, and easy to use. You can see the swept and non swept areas on the app, so that you can understand its working conditions when you are not at home, you can build a virtual wall on the app, and you can shield the bathroom when you are in the bathroom, In this way, the robot will not come in to clean, and you can make an appointment to clean when you are not at home. When you go out to work, the robot will start to work repeatedly and busily until the specified cleaning route and times are completed. 7. The multi segment function generator will stop. By the time you get home, the house will have been cleaned. You don't need to take the initiative to remove pollutants in the car and clean your tired body after a day's work. The robot has a powerful wet mop function. It only needs to add water once to mop the whole house. After each cleaning, it can automatically go back to charge. If it finishes working and charges, it will go to sleep. You don't need to charge it manually to avoid the embarrassment that you forget to charge it and can't use it next time. Using a treasure can basically liberate your hands. It is especially suitable for lazy cancer patients like me. It is a necessary artifact in the late stage of lazy cancer. More advantages and disadvantages evaluation details


the disadvantage of robots is that there are many sundries in the home, and the floor sweeping robot can't analyze them intelligently, so it's best to remove these obstacles manually before each cleaning. In addition, although the work noise is acceptable, if you work at night, you will feel that the sound is slightly louder, which is not suitable for night work

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