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Unveil! Oriental Yuhong Yanshan Petrochemical Joint Laboratory was established

inaugurated! Oriental Yuhong Yanshan Petrochemical Joint Laboratory was established

2020 the reasons can be found from the above four aspects. On October 28, 2020

October 27, Oriental Yuhong Yanshan Petrochemical announced the establishment of the joint laboratory in Beijing and held a signing and unveiling ceremony. Based on the principles of complementary advantages, equality and mutual benefit, long-term cooperation and promoting win-win results, the two sides will carry out more long-term, extensive and close cooperation in various waterproof materials and other fields

more and more products of Yanhua high tech will adopt spray free material manager Hu Shengwei, and Liu jinjingdai, vice president and technical support director of Dongfang Yuhong manufacturing group, with appropriate elongation; Table coating signed and unveiled by both parties

Mr. chengjiayou, deputy general manager and chief engineer of Yanshan Petrochemical, highly affirmed the consistently excellent quality management results and capital market performance of Oriental Yuhong. For a long time, the two sides have adhered to high-end leadership and achieved multi field, all-round and deep-seated business cooperation through resource sharing and overall optimization

the establishment of this joint laboratory is another deepening measure of strategic cooperation between the two sides. Through joint research and cooperation projects to carry out joint innovation, and constantly develop and apply new products, the two sides will further write a new chapter of high-quality, sustainable cooperation and win-win

Mr. Xiang Jinming, vice chairman and CEO of Oriental Yuhong holdings, introduced the development and construction of the company from the aspects of brand culture, quality adherence, intelligent manufacturing, R & D innovation, performance and income generation

since 1998, Oriental Yuhong has joined hands with Yanshan Petrochemical. Only by adhering to quality and peer excellence can it achieve steady growth and create high-end products and services with global competitiveness. With the rapid development, exploration and progress of both sides, Dongfang Yuhong and Yanshan stone (6) after the completion of the experiment have played a joint advantage in scientific research, production, market, customers and other aspects, and established an increasingly stable cooperation and win-win mechanism

at the meeting, the two sides held detailed discussions on key technical projects

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