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The fragrance added to the tissue paper has the function of reducing pressure

the fragrance has become the selling point of each household paper industry

under the trend of aromatherapy, household tissue paper, paper handkerchief and other products have been promoted by the industry to produce products with special fragrance and specific decompression function

the coal price of Jialing has experienced an unexpected rapid rebound. Shujie, one of the leading brands of paper, recently launched facial paper and paper handkerchiefs with natural aromatic essential oils to improve the added value of the products

hongqianshu, assistant manager of Taiwan shigutuo Paper Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of Shujie, said that according to the research and investigation on female consumers in Taiwan, the life stress index of modern women increased significantly. The experiment began in March, 2013. However, the popular aromatherapy has the effect of calming and reducing stress. Therefore, this kind of products with natural flavor have been developed

during the development process, Scott paper investigated the preferences of major consumer groups for fragrance. As a result, it was the first batch to launch three kinds of fragrance, including rose sandalwood, lavender frankincense and mint

hongqianshu said that these three kinds of fragrance have different functions. Generally speaking, rose sandalwood has the effect of soothing and boosting mood, which is under the background that the state vigorously promotes the construction of green and energy-saving buildings; Lavender flavor has a calming effect on anxiety; Natural mint has the function of refreshing

the fragrant essential oil facial paper and paper handkerchief launched by Shujie are new products of the whole series. Liaokeqi, brand marketing manager, said that other existing products are still produced, providing consumers with different choices

in addition to Shujie, baoqiaojiapin also imported tempo paper handkerchiefs last year. In addition to being soft and not broken with less chips, it also has a special fragrance. This fragrance is also one of the selling points of Tianbo

household paper manufacturers point out that household toilet paper and tissue paper are often turned into weapons of price war in the recession. The introduction of such unique products can increase the added value of the products, and will not be used as the subject of price promotion, so as to avoid the price war

in addition, the industry pointed out that since the two-day weekend, the increase in opportunities for outings has boosted the popularity of paper handkerchiefs. At present, like the trend of foreign countries, this product is in a growing market

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