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ExxonMobil Shanghai laboratory has successfully passed ISO17025 accreditation, and its oil detection capability has been authorized

ExxonMobil Shanghai laboratory has successfully passed ISO17025 accreditation, and its oil detection capability has been authorized

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recently, The Shanghai lubricant analysis and technical support laboratory located in the Asia Pacific lubricant technology center of ExxonMobil has officially passed the CNAs (China National Accreditation Service for conformity assessment) assessment and obtained ISO17025 accreditation, becoming the first lubricant laboratory in China to obtain this accreditation among foreign-funded lubricant enterprises

ExxonMobil's Marine Laboratory of plastic products for small household appliances has obtained the CNAs laboratory accreditation certificate

cnas. It is a national accreditation institution established and authorized by the national certification and Accreditation Administration, which can also extend the service life of experimental machines. It is responsible for the accreditation of accreditation institutions, laboratories, inspection institutions and other relevant institutions. Iso170 this makes them more suitable for use in the field of injection molding 25 is a widely recognized international standard for laboratory certification services. The assessment of this quality management standard shows that the testing or calibration ability of the laboratory has been recognized by the third party authority and recognized by more than 40 national and regional laboratory accreditation institutions that have signed the ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation Organization) mutual recognition agreement

ExxonMobil Asia Pacific lubrication technology center

successfully obtained this recognition, which means that the management system and testing capability of ExxonMobil lubricant laboratory in Shanghai have always been in line with international norms. Compared with providing oil sample testing services through a third-party certification body, ExxonMobil's capital and technical investment in Shanghai lubricating oil analysis and technical support laboratory fully reflects its long-term commitment to the Chinese market. In the future, ExxonMobil Shanghai laboratory will continue to adhere to the quality policy of "integrity, integrity, accuracy, professionalism, refinement and timeliness", strictly implement the accreditation criteria and the relevant provisions of laboratory quality assurance, continue to provide Chinese users with high-quality professional services, and issue more authoritative and credible oil analysis reports, so as to help Chinese users achieve the production benefits of "safety, environmental protection and efficiency"

at the same time, this recognition marks a new milestone for Mobil Youshida service family, including Mobil Youshida oil analysis service, and also lays a solid foundation for the overall upgrading of this series of services this year. Having been deeply involved in the Chinese market for many years, ExxonMobil has always been committed to providing high-quality professional services to Chinese users relying on professional teams and leading lubrication technology. As a service brand of ExxonMobil, Mobil Youshida provides a series of supporting services including oil analysis, on-site engineering services and lubrication training to help customers improve equipment stability, reduce maintenance costs, tap greater potential of equipment and further improve enterprise productivity

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