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Eyesight provides gesture recognition solutions for CEVA platform

CEVA, a silicon product intellectual property (SIP) platform solution and a digital signal processor (DSP) kernel authorized manufacturer, and eyesight, a software-based touch free interface technology manufacturer in the field of consumer electronic devices, announced to form a partnership to provide eyesight gesture recognition technology on CEVA's portable multimedia platform

the cooperation between the two companies can realize touch free user interaction interface solutions in a series of portable multimedia devices, including intelligent, multi-functional, tablet computers, e-book readers, portable game consoles, digital photo frames, Pico projectors, etc

eyesight technology can provide gesture recognition function for any equipment with camera function experimental machine equipped with force measuring system with instigation and recording device and device for measuring specimen deformation, and improve user experience by controlling running equipment and applications. These user interface solutions allow consumers to control devices using natural gestures

3. The CEVA multimedia platform has supported a wide range of video, audio and image processing software functions, and gesture recognition technology is a newly realized new functional member, which further shows that the CEVA fully programmable multimedia solution can enable the licensed factory to realize a wide range of functions when recording the maximum load when the sample is damaged

eyesight founder and CEO Itay Katz said: "ceva-mm2000 platform integrates unique high-energy efficiency and high-performance features. It has been proved to be an excellent technical product that can provide high-performance recognition while maintaining the lowest power consumption. We cooperate with CEVA to provide touch free interface technology, which will help speed up the introduction of gesture recognition technology into mainstream products and improve the daily interaction between consumers and their portable devices."

eran briman, vice president of marketing, CEVA, said: "We have cooperated with eyesight to bring gesture recognition into ceva-mm2000, which proves that our multi-purpose solution is easy to program and realize multiple functions. Differentiation is the key to the success of high-performance multimedia SOC. CEVA's fully programmable platform allows customers of multi-media products to achieve this goal through cevanet partners such as eyesight, or integrate their own special software with minimum workload." Electronic engineering album

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