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At 2:00 p.m. on November 15, a 28 story teacher's apartment located in Jiaozhou Road, the center of downtown Shanghai, suffered a major fire. As of 9:20 on the 16th, 53 people had been killed in the fire, more than 70 people were receiving treatment, and more than 100 residents were out of danger. At present, the fire on site has been basically extinguished. Firefighters enter the corridor to clean up the residual fire and search and rescue the residents in the building

why was the fire so big

on the afternoon of November 16, at the press conference held by the Shanghai municipal government, Chen Fei, director of the Shanghai Municipal Fire Bureau, talked about why the fire in Shanghai was large. He attributed the reason to the fact that the nylon fabric and foot pedal on the building scaffold were bamboo boards, which were inflammables, and the fire spread due to the aggravation of the wind when the fire occurred. At the same time, officials attributed the fire to four electric welders who worked without certificates

it is worth noting that the official press conference did not mention what kind of building materials were used in the "comprehensive renovation of external wall energy conservation" project before the fire. However, some analysts believe that the thermal insulation materials used for the exterior wall of the renovation project are combustible, or exacerbate the spread of the fire

the fire prevention standard of "hot" exterior wall insulation frequency must be raised

in recent years, with the continuous rise of international oil prices, the whole society has entered the era of high oil prices. Energy conservation has become the consensus of all countries in the world. China has also issued various energy conservation laws and regulations, among which building energy conservation has become the top priority. However, with the external wall thermal insulation materials of various materials beginning to be widely used in public and civil buildings, the fire hazards wrapped in the building energy-saving coat also began to break out gradually:

electrical appliances switch back and forth the main stadium of the 11th National Games in 2006 - Jinan Olympic Sports Center, two fires occurred during the construction, both of which were related to thermal insulation materials. The first fire occurred in the afternoon of July 27 last year, covering an area of about 3000 square meters. The cause of the accident was preliminarily determined to be caused by the illegal operation of construction personnel and the ignition of material insulation layer by electric welding operation. Less than 100 days before the fire that did not have economic benefits, another fire broke out on the southeast side of the roof of Jinan Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium, covering an area of 1284 square meters. After the fire, the Jinan municipal government soon set up an accident investigation team. After on-site investigation, it was preliminarily determined that the cause of the fire was that the construction personnel used gasoline burner hot-melt waterproof coiled material and high-temperature flame to ignite the material insulation layer during the construction of roof gutter waterproof project

at 16:00 on October 9, 2008, a fire broke out in the "360 ° longitude and latitude" high-rise building under construction in Harbin. Under the scorching fire, all the windows and doors of the building were burnt to pieces and kept falling from high altitude. A large number of flying fires seriously threatened the safety of surrounding buildings and pedestrians. The fire department found out that during the electric welding construction, the workers operated against the rules to ignite the polyurethane hard hair on the ceiling. According to the load measurement methods, different foam insulation layer decoration materials led to a fire

at 20:27 on February 9, 2009, a fire broke out at the construction site of the cultural center attached to the new site of CCTV. It was not until 2:00 a.m. the next day that the fire was put out. The national property suffered heavy losses and an excellent firefighter died. After investigating the fire scene, the expert group found that the fire was the fastest burning building since the founding of new China. After the fire broke out in the North Distribution Building of the new CCTV site, the combustion was mainly concentrated in the thermal insulation layer under the titanium alloy, which was characterized by excessive skin fire. The material used for the building insulation layer is a new energy-saving insulation material recommended by the state. This material burns too fast and spreads from the top of the North distribution building to the whole building. At present, this new material is used in many public and civil buildings in Beijing

on april19,2009, a fire broke out in the 50th floor of Nanjing Central International Plaza. The fire was caused by workers' welding slag falling onto the PVC insulation board on the outer wall while welding the outdoor air conditioner shaft

tragedies occur frequently, which are all closely related to the defects of exterior wall insulation materials. Building energy conservation must be promoted, and the alarm bell of fire tragedy must be ringing for a long time: "external insulation" needs to be upgraded

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