Choose Yuba packaging parts mask from three aspect

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Choose Yuba packaging parts and accessories mask from three aspects

● packaging: the appearance should be bright and smooth, and the graphic printing should be exquisite and clear. ● spare parts: the product shall be attached with switch board, junction box and air outlet. Instructions, product certificates and safety guidelines shall be attached to the product package

● mask: the surface should be smooth, high temperature resistant and high flame retardant. For example, the AUP three in one Yuba, which is loved by many consumers, can withstand a high temperature of 200 ℃ due to the use of plastic materials from General Electric Company of the United States, and the flame retardant grade is naturally 2 seconds. This is generally used PPO, ABS plastic products can not be compared

● infrared heating lamp: due to the material, some domestic manufacturers' bulbs have poor explosion-proof performance and low thermal efficiency. Some high-quality brands use quartz hard glass, which has high thermal efficiency and power saving, and has undergone strict explosion-proof and service life tests

● soft light lamp: high quality soft light lamp has high luminous efficiency and long service life. Generally speaking, some international famous brands can better guarantee quality. For example, some products use lamps of Ge (General Electric Appliance), Philips (Philips), osran (osran) and other brands, which have good brightness and long service life

● lamp cap and holder: the lamp cap and bulb glass shell of ordinary bulbs are easy to fall off under high temperature. High quality "Yuba" generally adopts threaded connection between lamp cap and bulb, which is relatively firm

the conductive ring of the lamp holder will fall off due to the frequent switching of high-power bulbs. A good "Yuba" usually adopts a porcelain base of conjoined design to ensure that users will never have to repair the lamp base

● motor: good motors (micro motors) generally have thermal safety devices, which can automatically trip safely when the voltage is unstable and the temperature is high, and return to the working state after returning to normal. In order to ensure that the motor will not rust under wet conditions in the bathroom, the "Yuba" who pursues high quality often uses stainless steel rotary rods

expert tips:

do not spray with water when Yuba is working

avoid frequent switching and vibration around

keep the bathroom clean and dry. After taking a bath, don't turn off the Yuba immediately, but wait until the humidity in the bathroom is discharged; At ordinary times, the bathroom should also be kept ventilated, clean and dry to extend the service life of Yuba




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