Ingenious utilization of remaining decoration boar

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The consumption of floor, wood, etc. can only be roughly estimated before decoration, so there will often be some surplus after decoration. Most families treat these surplus plates as waste, but in fact, these leftover materials can be fully utilized and can be turned into very practical items after simple processing. The owner can communicate with the carpenter in advance, store the remaining wood in a dry environment in advance, and do appropriate modification projects after the completion of the main project of home decoration

1. The remaining plate turns into a flower rack

it's a pity to throw away the remaining leftover materials after laying the wooden floor at home. You can build the remaining floor into a balcony flower rack, especially for those with large space, you can install a stainless steel bracket on the walls on both sides of the balcony, and then lay the leftover materials of the floor neatly, which will become a simple flower rack after being fixed. Planting some flowers and plants can make the balcony a very beautiful space

2. The remaining boards turn into book clips

books and documents on the desk usually need to be fixed with book clips. Good quality floors are often hard and beautiful patterns. Use this “ Waste ” The floor is perfect for making book clips. The production of book clips is not complicated. It only needs two floors of the same size. Repair the edges of the floor with a saw, and finally bind thin iron sheets at the bottom of the floor. A simple book clip is formed, and you can also paint colors on it

3. The remaining plates become the background wall

some of the remaining distinctive plates, such as wood floors, can be paved on the wall as the background; For many owners who decorate old houses, it's a pity to throw away all the original floors, but they don't know how to use them. The designer suggested that if you need a sense of vicissitudes and antiquity, those worn-out old floors can just come in handy. Irregularly paving the waste floor on the wall can not only make the background wall, but also play a decorative effect

4. The remaining plate can be made into a display cabinet storage rack

the remaining plate can also be made into a small display cabinet, but such a production method is slightly more complex, requires strong hands-on ability, and takes more time. The display cabinet can be placed in the corner of the room, with small vases and ornaments. In addition, the “ Big stuff ”, By simply splicing, you can make a storage rack. The high-quality floor has strong compression resistance, and the storage cabinet made of it has good performance

5. The remaining boards become decorations

the remaining floors can also be made into decorations to beautify the home. For example, it can be made into photo frames or floor brackets hung on the wall, or it can try to make some wooden carvings on the floor to make decorative ornaments





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