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With the development of social economy and home furnishing industry, aluminum door and window enterprises are now generally short-sighted. Faced with this problem, paya doors and windows proposed that enterprises must recognize their current situation and establish a rational business philosophy

due to the late start and low entry threshold of China's aluminum door and window industry, the number of aluminum door and window enterprises has increased rapidly in recent years, causing fierce competition in the industry. For the enterprise itself, due to the excessive pursuit of short-term profits, there are many short-sighted behaviors, such as rampant advertising, vague product pricing, imperfect after-sales service and so on. These behaviors not only did not achieve the expected sales volume and fame for the enterprise, but also caused great restrictions on the development of the enterprise. In this regard, the president of the China Furniture Association said, "the business sea is merciless. If aluminum door and window enterprises want to hold a sky in the market, they need to maintain their due rationality in the battlefield of hegemony."

in view of this phenomenon in the aluminum alloy door and window industry, the reporter secretly interviewed some aluminum door and window enterprises. Many enterprise leaders believed that the fierce competition in the industry, serious product homogenization, maliciously depressed prices and a series of problems forced enterprises to pursue short-term interests and give up deep thinking. For the emergence of such problems in the industry, the person in charge of paya doors and windows of "old brand" enterprises said that the reason why enterprises generally have short-sighted behavior is that enterprises want to pursue short-term interests and quickly recover operating costs. But in fact, what excellent enterprises need is patience and rational business philosophy. The person in charge of paya doors and windows talked about how to formulate a rational business philosophy

what is short-sighted behavior

in fact, not only the aluminum door and window industry, but also many industries have short-sighted behavior, which is not a new topic. It is not surprising that enterprises have short-sighted behavior. The key lies in whether they can recognize the seriousness of this behavior to enterprises as soon as possible

according to the reporter, some aluminum door and window enterprises pay no attention to the setting of consumer groups, product pricing, after-sales service and other aspects, in addition to producing shoddy products for short-term benefits. In the early stage, maybe this kind of product will get the attention of some people because of its low price, but then it will cause a series of problems about poor product quality, disordered pricing, spending a lot of money on advertising, imperfect after-sales service and so on, which will have a negative impact on the brand reputation of the enterprise. Facing this situation, how should enterprises deal with it

face up to short-sighted behaviors and establish a rational business philosophy

"there is no doubt that these short-sighted behaviors, if not corrected in time, will lead to the demise of enterprises." Many industry experts said so. Similarly, the person in charge of paya doors and windows, the top ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows, also believes that in order to avoid short-sighted behavior, which will affect the development of enterprises, enterprises should formulate the development concept of rational management. Rational business philosophy includes determining crowd positioning, fine advertising plan, controlling product quality, improving after-sales service, etc. if the above problems are solved, the enterprise will set sail without fear of obstacles

determine crowd positioning: the determination of crowd positioning is not only a simple standard, but also an indicator of the future development of enterprises. Compared with enterprises that don't even know the audience and fish in the sea, it is a more rational method to find out the precise positioning of consumers and produce products that meet users' preferences

it is reported that paya's door and window products are positioned as high-end and fashionable, and the audience is white-collar workers and other middle and high-income people. In addition, paya doors and windows will design product styles every year according to the "report on Chinese consumer consumption behavior" to ensure that the products meet the aesthetics of the target population

fine advertising: influenced by the traditional marketing model, many enterprises believe that investing a lot of advertising can promote the purchase volume. As everyone knows, in the era of full information, enterprises' improper investment plan will only cause a huge waste of resources. "To put every penny of advertising on the" blade ", we must put it accurately." The person in charge of paya doors and windows said that instead of "blooming everywhere", the advertisements of paya doors and windows chose to be put on high-speed railway stations with large traffic and high consumption levels. Some time ago, the advertising of paya doors and windows in Guangzhou south railway station has brought enterprises up to three times the usual telephone traffic, which shows the importance of accurate advertising

control product quality: for enterprises that attach importance to short-term interests, perhaps the fastest way to sell products is the king. However, for paya doors and windows, controlling product quality is the top priority of the enterprise, because paya doors and windows deeply understands that rough manufacturing will bring continuous after-sales problems. According to the reporter, paya doors and windows use top-level Asian aluminum as raw materials, and adopt international top-level equipment - automatic electronic cutting saw, German Haomai CNC numerical control center, etc., to carry out high-precision cutting, drilling and edge banding, so as to ensure the high quality of products. In addition, Paiya doors and windows has an excellent designer team, which regularly launches new products to meet the public's demand for fashionable doors and windows, which is highly recognized by the market

improve after-sales service: due to the late start of China's aluminum alloy door and window industry and huge market potential, many enterprises despise the after-sales service that consumers care most in order to make profits as soon as possible. And paya doors and windows is well aware of the importance of enterprise after-sales service, so in the early stage of enterprise development, improving the after-sales service system is regarded as one of the indispensable tasks in the process of enterprise development. After long-term professional research by the personnel of the professional team of paya doors and windows, we have established a set of after-sales service system more suitable for the current market development according to the needs of consumers - we promise to provide free warranty and lifelong maintenance services for hardware accessories within one year

in a word, enterprises need to recognize their own short-sighted behavior and apply the right medicine to the problem in order to "survive". Facing up to short-sighted behavior and establishing correct rational thinking can not only solve problems for enterprises, but also speed up the progress of aluminum door and window industry





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