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Influenced by the extremely simple aesthetic thinking, ouzhe doors and windows always adhere to a small number of straight lines and simple colors. Ouzhe's simplicity is an aesthetic philosophy based on Seiko technology

there is a Dutch painter who has been constantly pursuing to create with the purest elements such as tricolor, straight line and plane all his life, and has drawn world-famous paintings through "painting grid". His name is Pierre Mondrian

you may not have heard his name. You must have seen the following "grid paintings"

Composition C,1920

Composition with Large Red Plane

Yellow, Black, Gray, and Blue, 1921

Broadway Boogie Woogie (B323), 1942-1943

(in 1965, Mondrian skirts inspired by these Plaid paintings directly entered the palace of fashion history, and major fashion brands took turns to imitate)

Pierre Mondrian is an artist behind the style movement and one of the founders of non figurative painting, and the Plaid paintings above are his representative works. In his early years, he painted realistic figures and landscapes, and later gradually simplified the form of trees into a pure abstract composition of horizontal and vertical lines. He believes that art should only express things related to its own attributes, and all other irrelevant superfluous things should be cut off

Pierre Mondrian (1872-1944)

Mondrian self portrait

I exclude curves step by step until my work finally consists of straight lines and horizontal lines, forming cross shapes, which are separated from each other,... Straight lines and horizontal lines are the expression of two opposing forces; The balance of such opposites exists everywhere and controls everything

-- Mondrian

at that time, after Mondrian's straight line was introduced into painting, it first received the attention and corresponding of architectural design, and became the aesthetic basis of modern architectural design. The world-famous modern architect Mies van der Rohe was also influenced by Mondrian. It is said that Mondrian is the object of Mies' respect, and his works are also hung in Mies' room. Mies van der Rohe's philosophical thinking of "less is more" reflects Mondrian's aesthetic thought. In his architectural design, including interior decoration and furniture, it should be simplified to the point that it can't be changed anymore. He developed purism to the extreme

Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969)

representative work

van sworth residence

completed in 1951

the residence is located on the right bank of the Fox River in the south of parano, surrounded by a flat pasture, mixed with clumps of dense trees. Unlike other residential buildings, Farnsworth residence has replaced the wall blocking the line of sight with large pieces of glass, becoming a veritable "room with a view"

sigram building

the design style of the building, which was completed in 1958, reflects Mies van der Rohe's consistent proposition, that is, based on a profound interpretation of the frame structure, simplified structural system, simplified structural components, and exquisite structural logic performance, it produces a large space without barriers for free division, and perfectly interprets the architectural principle of "less is more"

the new National Gallery in Berlin was completed in 1968

this gallery was completed after the death of Mies. It is the masterpiece of the pure architectural art style of steel and glass that he explored all his life. Some people call it the modern "Parthenon Temple" of steel and glass

influenced by the aesthetic thinking of extreme simplicity, ouzhe doors and windows always adhere to the use of a small number of straight lines and simple and elegant colors, taking the lead in the domestic door and window industry in the trend of simplicity aesthetics

different from the traditional door and window design, the plane of the door and window opening is divided into several grids, which not only affects the visual effect, but also destroys the aesthetic feeling of the outdoor scenery

v s

Ou zhe can design an aesthetic framework scheme according to the size of the hole through reasonable and ingenious segmentation and combination, so that the framework itself can become a rhythmic picture, which not only makes the effect of the whole indoor space more harmonious, but also allows the owners to enjoy the open effect of a wide field of vision, and better ensures the safety of doors and windows

the realization of such a simple design is inseparable from the strong scientific and technological support behind it. Based on the design concept of German system doors and windows, the multi cavity large section structure design and the dual combination of 45o group angle glue injection process and T-connection process are adopted to ensure that the frame can easily withstand typhoons above grade 12

the simplicity of ouzhe is an aesthetic philosophy based on Seiko technology

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