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Steel prices have been consolidated again. The depression in the downstream has deterred steel traders from looking forward to winter storage.

in order to prevent the quality of the slider during the Spring Festival: the delivery time to downstream customers after 200g (specification) is too late to order from the steel plant, and steel traders will store in winter after the Spring Festival when the market is bullish. Now I feel that the market is still cold, and this period begins to fall again. The overall market situation is not very good, relatively weak, the steel plant has excess capacity and less downstream demand. Under the condition that the sale trade is not negotiated, the steel plant also has its own inventory. Once steel mills reduce prices and throw inventory, steel traders will lose money if they have more inventory. Therefore, steel traders are now controlling inventory and are unlikely to store the same amount as in previous years

the more inventory, the greater the risk. If one ton of inventory costs 100 yuan, 10000 tons of goods will eat 1 million yuan. Wood Tiger now adopts the monthly settlement method for customers, and the maximum period is 3 months after the arrival of the goods. After some customers default, they will pay part of the interest, while machinery customers with poor market will not pay interest if they default. They are all regular customers, which is not what they intended

experts believe that the steel market has entered a consolidation period again. Under such circumstances, it is difficult for steel traders to store in winter. In addition, due to the depression in the downstream, the customer's capital chain is tight, and the debt time is longer and longer. Accounts receivable to customers usually take two to three months to collect. Some site customers owe more money, and some machinery customers take four months to collect. The sharp rise in labor costs also makes the profits of steel traders thinner and thinner. According to the minimum wage standard, the compulsory social security in Shanghai was more than 100 yuan per capita in 2010 and 700 yuan this year. Only one migrant comprehensive insurance, when its standard is 294 yuan, the company can barely pay for employees; Now the company has to share more than 500 yuan, and the individual pays nearly 200 yuan. In this case alone, if an enterprise has 100 workers, it will spend an extra 50000 yuan a month

Casually collected waste materials

in addition, steel traders are short of funds. Steel trade is originally a capital intensive enterprise, and inventory will consume a lot of money. At present, the sources of funds of steel traders include their own funds, and bank pledged loans include inventory pledge. 2) according to the shape of the sample clamping end and the pledge of factory buildings, the association organized three or five enterprises to jointly guarantee loans. In the case of thin profits, Muhu industry tries to diversify in the steel field to disperse risks. At present, in addition to rebar, round steel accounts for 1/4, plates for 1/4, and cold and hot profiles for 1/4. Try to distribute the investment equally among different types. When the price of corrugated steel rises under natural conditions, make more deformed steel bars in time. We can only achieve balance and stability by actively and timely adjusting the type of steel

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