The hottest steel prices resume rising, and trader

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Steel prices resume rising, traders may welcome the opportunity of transformation

steel prices resume rising, traders may welcome the opportunity of transformation

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Guide: since August, domestic steel prices have rebounded, the future trend is increasingly unclear, and the market outlook is getting stronger. Whether the steel market can break the basic law of golden nine and silver ten, and where the steel price will go in the second half of the year has become the focus of current steel enterprises and traders

since August, domestic steel prices have rebounded, and the future trend is increasingly unclear. The market wait-and-see mood is getting stronger. Whether the steel market can break the basic law of "golden nine and silver ten" and where the steel price will go in the second half of the year has become the focus of current steel enterprises and traders

according to the recent seminar on the steel market situation in Beijing in the second half of the year, industry experts predict that the domestic steel price will not plummet in the near future, or wait for an opportunity to rebound in the rest, but under the overall pattern of stabilizing demand, limiting output and promoting balance, the steel price trend will tend to be stable in the future

steel prices resume rising

recently, the domestic steel market prices have shown an adjustment trend, and several spikes have failed

on September 6, the rebar 1101 contract, stimulated by the news of energy conservation and emission reduction, and the steel plant's power cut, rose quite rapidly, rising to a maximum of 4592 within one minute of opening, and then falling back to the high point, maintaining stability in a narrow range above 4500

for the basic trend of short-term domestic steel prices, Ma Li, director of Lange steel information, believes that under the condition of gradual improvement in macro policies, steel prices will not plummet, and it is unlikely to return to 3800 yuan/ton again

in horsepower's view, the recent steel price trend mainly depends on the interweaving effect of various positive and negative factors. Among them, the gradual improvement of market demand is the biggest positive, and the western development, affordable housing construction, post disaster reconstruction and urban agglomeration integration are the main stimulus factors

according to the new western development plan announced by the state in early July, 23 key projects of western development were newly started throughout the year, with a total investment of 682.2 billion yuan, which is more than one third of the total investment of the western development in the past decade

"this is not only the inclination of the state to the western region policy, but also reflects the new thinking of the high-level economic layout under the current economic slowdown and multiple dilemmas of macro-control." Horsepower 4 is the representation of quality reliability. More scholars believe that the new round of national stimulus policy for the western region marks the beginning of a new round of stimulus policy in China

On July 19, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development proposed that China will build 5.8 million affordable housing units this year, including low rent housing, affordable housing, limited price housing, public rental housing and resettlement housing after the transformation of various shanty towns. To this end, the central government has allocated more than 60 billion yuan, and relevant policies and measures have been formulated and issued in the form of documents

Ma Li said that the construction of affordable housing has entered a substantive stage, which will directly drive the demand for construction steel, which is expected to drive the demand for 8million ~ 10million tons of steel, thus directly benefiting the steel price

in post disaster reconstruction, the state will comprehensively consider the rational planning of regional land use, involving rural housing reconstruction, many small and medium-sized water conservancy projects exposed in the flood disaster, etc. It is estimated that the planned investment in post disaster reconstruction will reach hundreds of billions of yuan, which will further drive the demand for tens of millions of tons of steel. 19 it will be the first Volvo model to adopt carbon fiber body. In 1998, the use of steel for post disaster reconstruction in China was between 3million and 4million tons

in addition, the integrated construction of Hainan International Tourism Zone, the new urban planning of Shenzhen and Zhengzhou, the Wuhan urban circle in the central region, the Central Plains urban agglomeration, the Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan Urban Agglomeration, the Wanjiang urban belt, the Poyang Lake urban agglomeration and the Taiyuan urban circle will also significantly drive the growth of domestic steel demand

opposite the positive forces, the rapidly recovering output, the high inventory of plate products, the decline of steel exports, and the prices of U.S. stock market and crude oil futures can be enriched and improved from time to time with the development of experimental machine measurement and control technology and the change of experimental specifications. The cumulative economic data fell for two weeks, becoming four negative forces that affect the recent trend of steel prices

especially driven by the resumption of the rise in steel prices, steel production increased, driving the increase in social steel inventories

relevant statistical data show that domestic crude steel output reached 1.719 million tons in early August, an increase of 50000 tons over July; As of August 20, the hot coil inventory in 29 key cities across the country had reached 5.52 million tons, an increase of 500000 tons over the middle of June. Tips for repair and maintenance of material torsional fatigue testing machine

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