The hottest steel price rose slightly as a whole,

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On June 7, the monitoring data of relevant institutions showed that in the past week (May 3), the domestic spot steel price as a whole rose slightly, but the trend of each region was significantly different

as of June 3, the steel price in Shanghai rose by 30 yuan/ton in a single week to 4890 yuan/ton; Steel prices in Beijing rose strongly by 70 yuan/ton to 5090 yuan/ton; The price of steel in Guangzhou was flat, at 5290 yuan/ton

with an area of 130.24km2 and a reserve of about 5.3 billion tons of super large coal field, caiwan No. 1 well in Nanxi mining area of Zhundong coalfield, Xinjiang. Analysts believe that after the Dragon Boat Festival, driven by low inventory and terminal replenishment demand, the price of construction steel still has a slight upward momentum. However, the macro level is generally short, bulk commodities are generally in a weak position, and the upward space of steel prices will be restrained

trend differentiation of steel varieties

the latest data showed that the domestic steel price composite index rose 0.34% last week, including 0.70% for long products and 0.06% for plates

from the perspective of price index, the price trend of long timber is stronger than that of plate varieties. From the steel inventory data, the de stocking level of long products is also significantly stronger than that of plate products

statistics show that last week, the inventory level of dealers in key cities across the country fell for 13 consecutive weeks, with a month on month decline of 1.3%, including a 2.9% decline in long material inventory and a 0.2% rise in flat material inventory

in addition, according to the monitoring of relevant institutions, the prices of major steel mills increased cautiously last week. Judging from the price policy in early June, it is expected that the pig iron market will continue to be weak in a short time. The prices of wire rod and rebar of Shagang and Hebei Iron and steel will remain unchanged, but Shagang, Yonggang and Zhongtian have significantly increased the price of conch by 50-150 yuan/ton

analysts said that steel varieties continue to differentiate. At present, the advantages of long products are still obvious. Companies with a high proportion of long products and certain performance guarantee have advantages

insufficient action force on steel price

data shows that as of June 3, high-quality products in major domestic markets have two characteristics Sometimes, special steel is inlaid at the jaw, or steel sand is sprayed on the jaw surface The average price of 25mm grade deformed steel bar is 5082 yuan/ton, with a weekly increase of 13 yuan/ton

analysts believe that several factors will affect the future price trend. First of all, power rationing is difficult to affect the output of building materials. It is a foregone conclusion that the average daily output of the whole month in May is more than 1.95 million tons, and the overall supply pressure is still great. In addition, the increase of bad news at the macro level, the shortage of funds in the domestic market and the high financing costs will continue, which will restrict the upward movement of steel prices

domestic mainstream securities firms expressed cautious views as a whole. Analysts believe that under the condition that the contradiction between supply and demand has not been effectively improved and the overall operating environment of the steel market is empty, it is expected that the steel price will continue to seek the bottom in the shock this week. Analysts also believe that the futures price was basically flat last week, and the forward cash spread was negative and continued to expand, reflecting the market's lack of confidence in the forward steel price. In the short term, under the environment of multiple factors, the probability of steel price fluctuation is large, and the conditions and space for steel price to fall sharply are insufficient

in addition, from the perspective of cost, the recent trend of raw material prices is weak, the price of iron ore continues to fall, the price of billets and scrap steel is basically stable, and the production cost of steel mills has moved down to a certain extent. However, the overall profitability of the steel industry in June is still worrying, and after entering June, the steel plant will fully use the high price agreement ore in the second quarter. There are signs of high prices for raw materials such as coke and scrap, and the overall cost of the steel plant is still high. This means that the characteristics of "cost support" in the steel industry will play a role in this balanced market

according to the calculation of wangzhaohua, a researcher at Guojin securities, combined with the data of China Steel Association, as of April 2011, the pre tax profit per ton of steel of national key large and medium-sized steel enterprises was 170 yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 36.52%, and a month on month rise of 2.41%; The profit margin before tax is 2.78%. On the whole, the steel industry is still in low profit

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