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On October 29-30, 2020 China manufacturing industry Digital Intelligence Summit and the first China steel industry interconnection entrepreneurs' annual meeting were grandly held in Nanjing Jinling new City Hotel, and steel to steel was invited to participate in the meeting, Discuss and exchange the digital intelligence practice and new future of China's manufacturing industry with many industry masters

in addition, the summit also awarded many awards, such as "2019 leading enterprise in steel industry interconnection, influential enterprise, innovative service enterprise". At the conference, ganglai Steel Co., Ltd. won the honor of "2019 steel industry interconnection innovation service enterprise" issued by China Metal Materials Circulation Association for its innovative scientific and technological services and its visionary innovation strategic layout

after the meeting, this newspaper interviewed Wang Shiyu, CEO of ganglaigang, and appreciated the essence of industrial interconnection and the importance of industrial interconnection enabling industry. At the same time, it also deeply felt the desire and persistence of contemporary entrepreneur representatives for innovation in the new era

: what do you think are the key factors for the realization of industrial interconnection? What are the advantages of steel coming and going

Wang Shiyu: there are many factors that determine the realization of industrial interconnection, such as industrial insight, resource integration, platform enabling ability, technology implementation ability, operation management ability, and so on

for steel, our advantages are embodied in the following aspects:

first, in technology. At the beginning of its establishment, steel to steel to determine the "technology leadership" strategy, increase investment in capital, resources and talents in new technology fields such as big data, IOT and artificial intelligence, and cooperate with leading domestic technology companies. It has a number of intellectual property rights, and its technology is in a leading position in the industry

secondly, in terms of resources. Ganglai and Gangxiang have formed strategic alliances with dozens of large-scale primary traders in the black bulk commodity industry. Under traditional pressure, primary traders have more transformation needs, and our business model pays more attention to empowering primary traders. We took the lead in launching the first-class traders' advantageous resources alliance, which can give them a free ride on the platform and common transformation

finally, in terms of products. Steel to steel is the first to launch an intelligent decision support system in the industry, using our more than 20 years of spot business experience and more than 10 years of futures investment experience that is not actually an "artist" in the traditional sense, to provide intelligent sales, intelligent procurement and intelligent hedging services for upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, so as to help enterprises reduce risks and improve earnings

: can you briefly introduce "steel comes and goes"

Wang Shiyu: "steel to steel to" belongs to Beijing Heijin spacetime E-Commerce Technology Co., Ltd. and is committed to building a black bulk commodity smart Industry Internet platform with new technologies, new ideas and new models. Beijing Heijin spacetime E-Commerce Technology Co., Ltd., founded in May, 2018, is a director unit of the steel industry interconnection special committee of China Metal Materials Circulation Association

but there is stress cracking bias towards "steel from steel to steel". Relying on big data, cloud computing, IOT, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other technologies, we build a third-party intelligent industry interconnection platform, which is up and down the black bulk commodity industry chain. 1 Manufacturers, traders, processors, service providers and buyers who replace load sensors provide "smart trading", "smart finance" and "smart logistics" services to help enterprises upstream and downstream of the industrial chain reduce costs, improve transaction efficiency, optimize resource allocation and reduce the risk of market price fluctuations, and empower the industry with new technologies, new ideas and new models, Promoting the intensification of the industrial chain can automatically collect experimental data and calculate the uniaxial compressive strength, tensile strength, shear strength and other parameterized, shared and intelligent transformation and upgrading of rocks

: what products does ganglai steel have at present? How to solve the industrial pain points

Wang Shiyu: at present, the main service products of steel to steel are smart trading, smart finance and smart logistics

among them, smart trading products take the intelligent trading decision support system as the starting point, rely on the core data analysis model, algorithm model and strategy method model with independent intellectual property rights, effectively improve the comprehensiveness and accuracy of analysis and decision-making, help enterprises reduce% transaction risk and increase% income at the same time

the core product of the smart finance sector is the intelligent risk control system, which is based on "blockchain + supply chain finance", and relies on billions of loan data training and iterative default probability calculation model to further improve the efficiency of credit loan review, and the overall non-performing rate will be controlled within 1%

the smart logistics sector mainly uses IOT, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to build an intelligent scheduling system. Through the intelligent scheduling system, the logistics cost can be reduced by% and the efficiency can be improved by more than 30%

: Thank you, Mr. Wang, for sharing. Let's pay attention to the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries by industrial interconnection, and thank you for your dedication to industrial interconnection. I wish steel to steel to be better and better

wangshiyu: Thank you, thank you for your support and high expectations for steel

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