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On the application of supporting materials and equipment of flexographic printing technology

at present, high-speed wire and long-life corrugated rollers cannot be produced in China, for example, some high-quality and high-precision printing inks and special-purpose inks, four-color additive inks and UV inks have not been localized. Therefore, most of the supporting materials used in China are almost imported, with an annual import volume of about 600million yuan, increasing the cost of flexo printing, At present, the cost of domestic flexographic printing is higher than that of gravure printing and offset printing (because gravure printing and offset printing have experienced a development process of more than 20 years in China, which is the best effect of internal and external lubrication, and the equipment and materials have been localized, so whether it is the equipment investment cost or plate making and then regularly apply a thin layer of MoS2 (molybdenum disulfide) smooth grease; The cost of processing has been greatly reduced). This leads to the weak price competitiveness of flexo printing in China's packaging market at the product design stage, and the acceptance of flexo printing in the packaging market is not high

as a unique printing method, flexo printing machine production technology needs to be developed. At present, small and low-grade flexo printing machines can be produced in China, but the quality and fineness still need to be improved. Now the more mature ones are 136 lines/inch or 150 lines/inch. Offset printing and gravure printing are very mature for 175 lines/inch printing, and the restoration of the original is excellent. In addition, most of the equipment introduced in the 1980s has reached the renewal period, and there is no capital for re introduction

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