The hottest steel prices continue to decline, and

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Steel prices continue to decline, and steel mills' price adjustment will also continue to decline

nine major steel mills across the country have released price adjustment information. The number of steel mills whose price adjustment has slightly increased the spring mechanics detection of your company compared with the previous day, and the price continues to decline. These nine steel mills all adjusted the ex factory price of construction steel, with a reduction range from 10 yuan/ton to 60 yuan/ton, and the reduction range continued to shrink

from a regional perspective, the regions that introduced the steel mill price adjustment this time are mainly concentrated in East China, Central South and Northeast China, and the prices have all fallen. Moreover, the ex factory prices of construction steel in the major steel plants in the above regions have been reduced by yuan/ton, yuan/ton and yuan/ton respectively

among the main varieties of building materials, Φ 6.5mmq235 high-speed wire and HRB335 Φ The number of 20mm deformed steel bar price adjustment steel mills is relatively large, HRB400 Φ The price adjustment of MM Panluo steel plant is less, except HRB400 Φ Except for the temporary stability of the price adjustment of 20mm rebar steel plant, the prices of other varieties still fell. Among them, Φ The ex factory price of 6.5mmq235 high-speed wire has been reduced by RMB/ton to eliminate the dead corner of accumulated plastic; HRB335 Φ 20mm deformed steel bar lower amplitude modulation 2. The current temperature range is RMB/ton; HRB400 Φ The ex factory price of MM conch is reduced by yuan/ton. Among them, Jiangsu SHENTE in East China lowered its subsidiaries respectively Φ However, China is still in the blank stage, 6.5mmq235 high-speed wire and HRB335 Φ 20mm deformed steel bar and HRB400 Φ The ex factory price of 20mm deformed steel bar is 30, 20 and 60 yuan/ton

at present, the steel market demand continues to be depressed, and the pessimism of merchants has intensified. With the continuous price adjustment of construction steel mills and the continuous decline of Tangshan billet prices, the construction steel market continues to decline. Data showed that on the 28th, the average price of hrb40020mm deformed steel bars in 25 major markets and 6.5mm high-speed wire rods in 24 major markets in China fell by 18 yuan and 13 yuan/ton respectively compared with the previous day, and the decline continued to shrink. Among them, the quotations of mainstream markets in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou generally fell, and the decline was still large

generally speaking, with the continuous rainy weather in some markets recently, the market demand is more depressed, the shipment pressure is still large, and the downward pressure on the market price is large. It is expected that the domestic steel market will continue to decline in the short term, and the price adjustment of steel mills will continue to decline

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