Reasons why the hottest car is difficult to start

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Reasons why it is difficult to start a hot engine

the hot engine is not as easy to start as a cold engine. The reasons are:

1. The gap between the piston rings is too small. When the engine is hot, it expands and dies in the piston ring groove, losing elasticity, and the cylinder is not sealed

2. The clearance between the valve and the valve guide is too small, and the valve stem is stuck in the guide after being heated, but experts admit that if you want to change the concentrated pneumatic force into a soft package in a short time, you can't close it after opening it

3. The cylinder clearance is too small, the expansion coefficient is too large, the movement resistance is large after thermal expansion, and the starting speed is not enough

4. The axial clearance of the crankshaft is too small, and the crankshaft rubs the end face of the main bearing bush with the help of "one belt and one road" thermal expansion. 5. The low-pressure rubber pipe has fine cracks, which expand when the engine is hot, and it is easy to inhale air, resulting in air resistance in the oil circuit

6. There are micro cracks on the upper edge of the cylinder liner, which swell when the engine is hot, and the cooling water is easy to enter the cylinder. (end)

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