Reasons for the hottest 6135AZD diesel engine oil

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Reason analysis of 6135AZD diesel engine oil temperature higher than water temperature

our company has two 6135AZD diesel engines. Because its oil temperature is significantly higher than water temperature, the oil pressure decreases significantly. For this reason, the diesel engine was overhauled and a new supercharger was replaced. However, the effect after repair is still not ideal. Analysis of the problem:

when the diesel engine is working, the oil temperature should be about 5 ℃ lower than the result of water test. If the oil temperature is too high, the oil wedge cannot be formed between the journal and the bearing bush due to the sharp reduction of the oil viscosity, so the oil pressure decreases significantly, which is easy to cause the Bush burning and shaft holding accident, and the oil will deteriorate and fail in advance due to the high temperature. According to our practical experience, the reasons for the high oil temperature are as follows:

1 The blockage in the oil radiator pipe is not smooth, and the high nickel 3-element material is technically difficult, and the surface oil contamination is serious, which significantly reduces the oil flow capacity and cooling efficiency

2. If the end clearance or tooth side clearance of the oil pump gear exceeds the limit due to wear, the oil output will decrease significantly, and in serious cases, it is only 30% - 40% of the rated flow. As a result, the lubrication of the journal and bearing bush is insufficient and the friction is intensified, resulting in the increase of oil temperature; At the same time, the circulating heat dissipation effect of oil also decreases correspondingly

3. If the filter of the oil suction disc is blocked by dirt, the oil suction capacity of the oil pump will also be significantly reduced

4. When the safety valve is closed, do not stretch, tighten, zigzag, peel, shear and other performance tests on various materials. If the spring fails, or the oil filter is dirty and blocked, the safety valve will be opened too early, so the oil will enter the main oil duct directly without cooling by the radiator, and the oil temperature will rise rapidly

5. For diesel engines with oil temperature regulating switch, when the external temperature is greater than 5 ℃, the switch should be turned from the "winter" position to the "summer" position, so that the oil can enter the main oil duct after being cooled by the radiator, otherwise the oil temperature will also be too high

6. The piston cylinder liner components are seriously worn, or the ring mouths of the piston rings are in the same linear position, and a large amount of high-temperature exhaust gas in the combustion chamber becomes channeled, which is taken into the oil pan by the epidemic prevention and Control Office of the provincial and municipal governments, and the knowledge oil temperature rises

7. The alloy seal ring at the turbine end of the turbocharger is worn and fails, and the high-temperature exhaust gas discharged from the cylinder will flow into the lubricating oil passage in the intermediate housing, causing the oil temperature to rise

8. The qualified engine oil is not selected according to the instructions, or the engine oil of different brands is not selected according to different seasons

9. Insufficient oil is added to the oil pan

10. New or overhauled diesel engines are put into heavy-duty operation without sufficient running in, which will not only aggravate the wear of journal and bearing bush, causing Bush burning accidents, but also increase the oil temperature due to its severe friction

11. The clearance of the main bearing is too small or the concentricity is poor. Although there is no burning loss, heat is generated due to high friction, which increases the oil temperature

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