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The recent development situation and trend of China's mold industry

after experiencing the rapid development during the Tenth Five Year Plan period and the first two years of the Eleventh Five Year Plan (the average annual growth rate in these seven years reached 18%), due to the impact of the international financial crisis, the development speed of China's mold industry has slowed down significantly since the second half of 2008, resulting in the annual total mold sales in 2008 and the year-on-year growth rate fell into single digits, only reaching about 9.2%, The total amount is about 95billion yuan. In 2009, the development was further hindered. It is estimated that the total sales of molds for the whole year can only be close to 100billion yuan, which is difficult to break through, basically unchanged from last year or slightly increased. The national GDP growth is guaranteed by eight for nine. It seems that it is certain to guarantee eight. Then why can't the mold reach this level? Guiyang psoriasis hospital blows it first and then wipes it (soft gauze) flat? This is mainly due to the overall sluggish domestic and foreign mold market. The national investment of 4trillion yuan is mainly invested in infrastructure construction, people's livelihood projects and improving people's livelihood. GDP has increased, but the demand for molds has basically not increased or the increase effect lags behind. The introduction of policies and measures such as sending industrial products such as automobiles, household appliances and agricultural machinery to the countryside and replacing the old with the new has also increased GDP. Although the demand for molds has also increased, the growth rate is limited. For example, many new material innovation and entrepreneurship teams in Shenzhen automobile predicted at the beginning of the year that it would exceed 10million vehicles this year, and now it is predicted that it will exceed 12million vehicles, an increase of more than 20% over last year, but the number of automobile molds has not increased so much, because the launch of new models most related to the demand for molds is not in direct proportion to the sales of automobiles. However, after more than a year of financial crisis, our mold industry has withstood a severe test. It is expected that there will be no negative growth in 2009, and we have made many achievements in structural adjustment. The whole industry has accumulated strength and laid a good foundation for future development

during the world financial crisis for more than a year, or for a longer period of time, in addition to mold sales and other quantitative aspects, what are the development characteristics and progress of our industry? I think there are the following points:

first, structural adjustment has achieved certain results. This is mainly manifested in three aspects: first, the effectiveness of system reform and mechanism transformation. At present, there are few state-owned enterprises, which account for less than 3% of the whole industry in terms of quantity and production and marketing. Joint stock, private and foreign-funded enterprises have taken an absolute advantage, and the vitality of the whole industry has been further strengthened; Second, the proportion of high-tech medium and high-end molds represented by large, precision, complex and long-life molds has been steadily increasing; Third, the market structure has been continuously improved, and emerging industries have received widespread attention, such as the field of new energy, the field of medical equipment (appliances, instruments), the field of automation, the field of aerospace and the field of rapid economic molds. The international market is also broad in history. In addition to the traditional markets in Europe, America and Southeast Asia, emerging markets such as India, Russia, Brazil, Australia, the Middle East and South Africa have begun to expand

second, the trend of overseas mold transfer to the mainland of China continues to develop, driving the continuous improvement of the industry level and the rapid growth of exports. As the cost advantage of mold production in China continues to exist, on the one hand, it is foreign investment, and at the same time, mold procurement. International molds are further transferred to the mainland of China. Because we need to be in line with international standards, this has accelerated our progress

third, the cluster production mode has been further developed. As far as I know, there are more than 30 mold cities (parks, districts and centralized production bases) of different types and forms in the country at present, more than half of which have formed a certain scale. In 2008, the output of mold cities reached about 27billion yuan, of which about 17billion yuan was mold, and the scale effect has been reflected. Moreover, the development of cluster production mode has made great contributions to the development of modern manufacturing service industry in China's mold industry and the development of industrial chain with mold as the core, which is of great significance. At present, the cluster production mode is still developing, and the overall posture is good. 4、 Mold production cycle is further shortened, and mold prices continue to decline. This is indeed a lot of pressure for mold manufacturers, but for mold users, this is the result. At the same time, this is also the performance of technological progress in the mold industry. However, there is also a problem of irregular market, excessive price competition and overcapacity of medium and low-end products, which should be paid enough attention to

as for the level of China's mold industry, the goal proposed in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" for the development of China's mold industry is to enter the ranks of Asia's advanced level by 2010

I think this goal can be achieved. In terms of quantity, we are already a big country in mold production in the world. In terms of product level, the complete set of automobile molds supporting class B and below cars, other passenger cars and commercial vehicles, and the accuracy supporting the electronic industry is up to 2 μ m. Many high-level molds, such as precision high-speed multi station progressive molds with a service life of more than 200million times, giant molds with a single set of molds weighing more than 100 tons, large multi station progressive molds up to 6 meters, light guide plate molds, optical disc molds, biochip molds and so on, can be produced. However, China has a vast territory, and many mold enterprises all over the country have different levels, and there is a big gap between them. From the comprehensive level, there are still many gaps compared with the international advanced level. J the gap urges us to make further efforts, and the gap urges us to forge ahead! It will still be our goal for a long time to make continuous progress towards becoming a world mold power

as for the development trend of molds, I think it mainly depends on two aspects, that is, on the one hand, the development trend of all walks of life for which molds serve, and on the other hand, the development trend of science and technology in the whole society and the world, which is actually the need and possibility

molds are for parts, that is, formed products. Therefore, molds must take the development trend of parts (formed products) as their own development trend, and molds must meet their requirements

the development trend of parts is mainly lightweight, exquisite, fast and efficient production, low cost and high quality, each of which indicates the development trend of molds. Now the brief analysis is as follows: if you want to be light, you will increase the use of plastics and develop new materials, including all kinds of new plastics, modified plastics, metal plastics, magnesium alloys, composite materials, etc., which requires new forming processes, and thus requires new molds to adapt to them. For example, the increasing use of high-strength plates in automobiles is also to reduce weight. The hot forming of some ultra-high-strength plates and the corresponding hot forming dies have naturally become a development trend, and so on

to be exquisite, it requires beautiful appearance and no internal defects, which requires fine, precise and high-quality molds to adapt to it. At present, there is a big gap in refinement, which is often ignored and falls short

rapid and efficient production, on the one hand, requires mold enterprises to shorten the mold production cycle and deliver the mold to mold users as soon as possible, on the other hand, it is more important to enable users to use the mold you provide to produce products quickly and efficiently. For example, the first mock examination multi cavity and multi piece production, laminated mold, making good use of hot runner technology to shorten the forming time, and using multi-layer composite technology, in mold decoration technology, high gloss traceless injection molding technology, detection technology, multi process composite technology, multi row and multi station technology, etc. At the same time, intelligent forming process also requires intelligent mold to adapt

low cost, which not only realizes low-cost manufacturing and low-cost supply of molds through the design, processing and assembly of mold production, but also enables mold users to use molds to realize low-cost production. This puts forward higher requirements for the mold. Mold manufacturing enterprises must first make mold users make money, and then make their own money. In the process of requiring low cost, whether it is mold manufacturing enterprises or enterprises using molds, constantly improving management and gradually realizing information management are the common requirements of enterprises and the direction of progress and development

high quality. In order to achieve high quality of products, the first thing is the high quality of the mold. The stability of the mold must be better, and it is better to ensure the consistency of products, but also to ensure the service life. High quality molds are closely related to technology

in addition to the above points, many new fields, emerging industries, new parts and personalized requirements will also constantly put forward new requirements for molds. So the development trend itself is also developing. From the perspective of the development trend of science and technology, the development trend of molds can be analyzed from the following six basic aspects:

new materials - new materials for molds and new molds formed for new materials of formed products

new processes - new forming processes and new processes for mold processing

new technologies - technological progress drives mold production gradually to ultra-high speed Development in the direction of ultra precision and high automation

informatization - digital production, information management, full use of IT technology

networking - integrate and make good use of the world's globalized network

circular economy and green manufacturing use as few resources as possible to create as much value as possible, including recycling and environmental protection, not only molds should be able to do this, Moreover, it is necessary to make the relative error of the indicated value of the mold user 4 within the range of 2% - 5% of the full scale: ± 1%

in addition to the above-mentioned development trends, I also believe that in terms of the relationship with mold users, mold and mold manufacturing enterprises have always been relatively dependent and passive, with little say. I believe that this phenomenon should be changed gradually and appropriately. This requires our mold industry to strengthen itself, and gradually change from passive to active through the introduction of relevant support policies in 30 regions to fully demonstrate their strength and ability, as well as innovative development. Before the national day, I visited Haier mold company and felt very deeply. The slogans of Haier mould company are "you give me a concept, I give you a product" and "never say no to the market". In terms of the market, they are "unstable inside and strong outside", and in terms of the concept, "make the mold as a work of art" (now, the concept that the mold is a work of art made by relying on skills has been replaced by the concept that the mold is a high-tech product produced by relying on technology, but the concept of making the mold as a work of art is not outdated, but it is a manifestation of seriousness and dedication, which should be advocated.), The proposed goal is to become the "world's most advanced mold trial production center", which can be used for reference. Haier mold company has also achieved modularization, parameterization and standardization of mold design, as well as specialization and standardization of production. In terms of transformation, they proposed to transform from enterprise informatization to information-based enterprise, and from production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented (providing users with a full set of solutions) manufacturing. I think these ideas are already there. To some extent, it reflects the development trend of mold enterprises

the development trend mentioned above is only a concept and thing. We can continue to concretize and deepen, such as the integration of CAD/CAE/CAM, the integration, intelligence and networking of software, the further development of computer simulation technology and the comprehensive promotion of 3D design

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