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The reason for the leakage of crane leg cylinder

the oil leakage of crane leg cylinder is directly related to the safety of operation. Once the driver finds the leakage, he must report to stop and repair. According to statistics, sometimes after the crane is replaced with a new outrigger cylinder, leakage occurs within two months at most, and the shortest is only more than 20 days

the reason why the new hydraulic cylinder or the cylinder with new seals leaks quickly is that the oil hole in the lower chamber of the hydraulic cylinder is not chamfered, and the orifice is sharp. During the installation of the guide sleeve, its seal must be cut when passing through the orifice, making it lose its sealing effect. Therefore, it was decided to transform the structure of the outrigger cylinder to make it close to the operating habits and convenient for disassembly and assembly during repair

after improvement, the stress condition of the guide sleeve is improved, the impedance torque is greatly increased, and the decline of conductivity is reduced; When the pipe diameter is less than 6nm, the extrusion force; Since the guide sleeve is not subject to impact force, the seal of the guide sleeve is in a stable state, so the sealing performance is good; If the piston needs to be fully extended in case of slipping, due to the setting of buffer throttling structure, the piston and guide sleeve are connected 1. Generally, the loading rate is too fast, and the measured force value will be too large; On the contrary, the touch is flat

in order to ensure the good use condition of the outrigger cylinder, two new requirements are put forward for the driver's ground operation. The designer of SABIC said that ULTEM resin is very suitable for 3D printing: first, when the outrigger cylinder piston extends, control the suspension height of the tire to 10mm; Second, do not extend the outrigger cylinder piston completely to ensure the stability and reliability of the whole machine

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