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The reason for the paper feeding jam of offset press

commercial rotary printing machine is a high-speed and high-quality printing machine imported from abroad in recent years. It has the outstanding advantages of fast printing speed, many printing pages, stable quality, strong effectiveness and so on, but it is also prone to some faults, among which the stuffy car is 6. Pay attention not to plug and unplug the power cord with power, which is a headache. The stuffy car is caused by the failure of the paper feeding head, front gauge, pull gauge, paper feeding system and front gauge detection system, and several (10) pieces of paper are shut down: hydraulic source → exit the experimental software → industrial computer → computer → display → printer, and even more than a dozen pieces of paper enter between the embossing cylinder and the rubber cylinder, resulting in a sudden stop. Now, according to my own experience in practical work, I will talk about some practical experience

1. There are several reasons for the general paper feeding stuffy car

1) the height adjustment of the paper pressing piece at the front end of the paper feeding table is not appropriate. Generally, it should be the thickness of 3 pieces of printing paper

2) the gap between the paper feeding head and the paper feeding table, and between the paper feeding roller and the paper feeding roller is improperly adjusted. Generally, the width of the printing paper is less than 5.5mm, and the width of the paper is more than 2 but 3, and the width of the paper is more than 5.5mm, and the width of the paper is more than 3 but 4. In addition, the photoelectric double sheet controller is not adjusted in place, which will also cause double sheets and multiple sheets to enter the drum

3) when the printing machine is working normally, if the paper arrives at the front gauge early, late, skew, lack of angle, curl, the photoelectric detection immediately commands the front gauge to stop swinging, so as to prevent the paper from entering the drum again. At the same time, swing the paper delivery teeth, do not take the paper out of the mouth, the machine slows down, the drum is off pressure, the inking roller is lifted, and the water transfer roller and inking roller stop swinging. At this time, if the electrical control circuit fails, it is easy to roll a stack of paper between the embossing cylinder and the rubber cylinder, resulting in stuffy car

4) the paper feeding operator leaves the work post without permission and fails to deal with it in time when the paper feeding is abnormal, which is the most common cause of paper feeding stuffy car

5) due to the unevenness of the paper pile, the paper pile is leveled around the bottom of the paper pile. The cork blocks, paper strips and other objects used by HPM to provide customers with solutions are not handled in time, and they may also be transferred to the front gauge with the paper and rolled into the roller, resulting in stuffy traffic

6) the paper feeding head and related parts are not adjusted well, and the paper feeding is abnormal, which is also prone to stuffy car

7) if it is coated paper printing, it is easy to cause adhesion due to the large amount of ink printing, and the operator does not do a thorough loosening of the paper when loading the paper at the paper feeding place, which may cause a stack of adhesive paper to roll into the machine drum and cause stuffy driving

2. Troubleshooting of paper feeding jam of offset press

1) if there is less paper rolled in, try to solve it by turning as much as possible

2) if there is a lot of rolled paper, only the operation process of Jinan assay spring testing machine refers to the method of chiseling off the lamination liner, rolled paper and blanket in the lamination area. First, tear off all the rubber blanket and excess paper, and clean it up, leaving a pressing object in the pressing area. Use a screwdriver to chisel away the paper and rubber blanket in the pressing area. Be careful not to roughen the surface of the embossing cylinder and rubber cylinder, and then turn the gear to take out the paper

in production practice, most of the paper feeding stuffy car accidents are caused by human beings, mainly due to the operator's lack of enthusiasm, sloppy work, and leaving the job without permission. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen management in work, enhance the operator's heart, and try to avoid the occurrence of human stuffy car accidents

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