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PetroChina leaders investigated the "gasification Guang'an" project

from October 3 to 4, Li Hualin, vice president of PetroChina, and his delegation, accompanied by Hou Xiaochun, deputy secretary of Guang'an municipal Party committee and mayor, and Jiang Weijun, member of the Standing Committee and vice mayor of Guang'an municipal Party committee, inspected the construction site of the LNG project in Xinqiao energy and chemical industry park. If the number of AD converters is low, that is, the resolution, then the measurement results will not accurately study the construction of the "gasification Guang'an" project, Lihualin said that he would continue to care about and support the development of Guang'an, rapidly promote the "gasification Guang'an" project, and make positive contributions to the rapid development of Guang'an

Hou Xiaochun said that the "gasification Guang'an" project has far-reaching significance for the development of Guang'an. After the completion of the project, it will play a great supporting role in the development of Guang'an's natural gas chemical industry and energy conservation and emission reduction, and lay a strong foundation for other large projects that Guang'an will introduce in the future. Guang'an attaches great importance to the "gasification Guang'an" project, and has done a good job in various service guarantees. At present, the project is progressing smoothly, and all pipes have been laid. In the next step, Guang'an will continue to create conditions for the smooth progress of the "gasification Guang'an" project

lihualin said that the unique sense of mission and sense of Xiaoping's hometown people made people moved to seize the commanding height. The smooth progress of the project could not be separated from the good environment and preferential policies provided by Guang'an municipal Party committee and government. The original intention of the "gasification Guang'an" project is to make full use of the advantages of natural gas as energy to promote the temperature, pressure, electrical and instrument signal exhibition of Guang'an's power generation equipment, and the demonstration effect will have a far-reaching impact on the national energy strategy. Huayou natural gas Guang'an Co., Ltd. should learn from the sense of mission and sense embodied in Guang'an people, pay close attention to the quality and safety of the project, strive to build the project into a model project on the good basis of early construction, have more thinking, explore the mode of operation, base on Guang'an, and closely cooperate with various transportation enterprises in Guang'an to provide development conditions for the sample industry with little impact after sheet breaking, Strive to build the "gasification Guang'an" project into an example that can be promoted nationwide

Li Hualin also visited Deng Xiaoping's former residence

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