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Battenfeld and baccalais continue to work together

Battenfeld is one of the internationally renowned plastic equipment manufacturers

this year, patrichhunold, manager of Barton field business department, and Hermann obermair, manager of Sales Department of baccalais headquarters, deeply negotiated the contract framework of future strategic cooperation between Barton field and baccalais. The resolution is as follows: the injection molding machine and linear machine of bartonfield are equipped with the controller, operation panel and motion control technology of baccalais

nold explained: "using the high-performance hardware and software products of bekale can enable us to better implement innovative operation interfaces and high-performance control algorithms. This is conducive to better meet the needs of customers in hydraulic injection molding machines and all electric injection molding machines."

erichhunold (manager of Battenfeld business department) (second from the right), bernhardz hling (head of Battenfeld Development Department) (first from the right), walterburgstaller (manager of key accounts of baccalais), (first from the left) and Hermann obermair (manager of Sales Department of baccalais headquarters) (second from the left)

in this contract, Battenfeld and baccalais further strengthened their good cooperative relationship for 10 years

about industrial automation of B.R.:

B.R. automation of taking and placing operations on industrial and cooling stations and rotating tables is a global leading manufacturer specializing in innovating cutting-edge automation technology. Headquartered in Austria, it has set up branches in 55 countries around the world with 145 offices in M. "Perfect automation" and "your global automation partner" are the mission and pursuit of baccalais industrial automation

in August 1996, baccalais industrial automation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. officially settled in Shanghai, China. Localized sales and exquisite technical team bring more rapid service to Chinese customers. Interior decoration uses upvc-u extruded profiles qb/t 2133 ⑼ 5 response. For more than ten years, baccalais (China) has been focusing on providing domestic users with high-quality automation products and excellent technical solutions. Today, baccalais' products and solutions have been widely used in the field of mechanical automation, such as packaging, printing, plastics, textiles, food and beverage, machine tools, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals and other industries; And process automation fields, such as electric power, metallurgy, municipal administration, transportation, petroleum, chemical industry, cement and other industries. At present, baccalais (China) has set up offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Jinan, Xi'an, Chengdu and Shenyang, and established complete technical training centers in Shanghai and Xi'an, as well as joint university laboratories throughout the country

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