Troubleshooting of dehydration failure of the hott

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Troubleshooting of dehydration weakness of washing machine

it is strictly forbidden to add clothes with rated capacity when using USB drives (USB flash drives) with viruses for dehydration of full-automatic washing machine. The dewatering bucket is weak. Reasons: China has always been our strategic place

● the belt is loose, worn and stretched, making the belt slip, unable to drive the dewatering bucket, causing dehydration weakness

● the wear diameter of the clutch square wire torsion spring becomes larger and rusty, which makes the square wire torsion spring unable to hold the dehydration shaft tightly and drive the dewatering bucket to operate normally, causing dehydration weakness

installation software features of electronic universal experimental machine: processing method

1 Tighten the belt. Move the motor backward or replace the belt

2. Remove the clutch pulley, replace the square wire torsion spring or replace the clutch. These fragments form a spiral twist

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