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PetroChina data center was upgraded to a group level data center

on the same day, the heads of information departments and relevant staff of the information management department of the group company, overseas exploration and development companies and 11 enterprises in Xinjiang gathered together to discuss the application prospects of PetroChina data center (Karamay) after its completion, and put forward many good opinions and suggestions

Gu Xuejin, deputy general manager of the information management department of the group company, presided over the meeting, and Shaoyu, deputy general manager of Xinjiang Oilfield Company, delivered a welcome speech

Shao Yu said that in 2010, Xinjiang Oilfield Company launched the work of intelligent oilfield research and construction, such as the weak independent innovation ability of new materials, and the data center, as the basic support of intelligent oilfield, was officially launched, which not only meets the business development needs of the group company and Karamay Oilfield itself, but also conforms to the development goal of Karamay municipal government's information industry. In August, 2015, the group company confirmed the China Petroleum data center (Karamay) as the group company level data center. After the data center is completed and put into use, it will carry the cloud platform resources of the group company and provide strong support for the safe and stable operation of various businesses of the group company

at the seminar, the participating units reported on the informatization construction of their respective units and put forward their respective needs and hopes

the deputy manager of the information management department of Tarim Oilfield Company, let's have a good understanding of ABS. Yang Song, the director, said that the company's information construction is currently facing the problems of tight computer room and difficult information backup. 4. The two ends of a test piece are smoothly installed in the fixture and fixed. It is impossible to make large-scale investment. Through Karamay, the data center, we can just solve the two major problems that restrict the company

Zhang Dongping, director of the scientific and Technological Information Department of Tuha oilfield, said that the company currently has two major equipment to squeeze out for the China Petroleum data center (Karamay) in terms of cloud desktop and Beidou system. With its clear functional requirements, cloud desktop is currently being implemented in stages, and we only work, but I am concerned about two issues, one is the operation efficiency of the system, and the other is the operation and maintenance of the system

Liu Wei, director of instrumentation and control of Urumqi Petrochemical Company, said that he had several hopes. First, he hoped that the data center could become a management center for information security of regional companies; Second, it is hoped that the data center will standardize some standards for the work and operation and maintenance of Companies in various regions and play a guiding role; Third, it is hoped that the data center can realize disaster recovery function and make rapid emergency response in case of an emergency

The seminar was held in a warm atmosphere. Gu Xuejin recorded the opinions of the participants one by one, fully communicated and discussed with them, and replied to the questions raised

Gu Xuejin said that the construction of big data center is a big task and very important in China. PetroChina data center (Karamay) has achieved the design concept of integrating science, rationality and applicability. It not only takes into account the previous experience of using data centers, but also reflects the characteristics of cost reduction and efficiency increase, reflects PetroChina's strategies, measures and implementation steps in the era of low oil prices, and also reflects PetroChina's strong confidence in using information technology to better support business development. China Petroleum data center (Karamay) is a group level data center. We should not only attach great importance to it ideologically, but also reflect its application strength in practical actions. Next, we should strengthen our confidence and resolve to build, maintain and apply it well

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