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Identify the quality of perfume based on packaging

how to identify the quality of perfume

identify the quality of perfume, mainly depending on the color, fragrance and packaging of perfume

I. color of perfume. High quality perfume must be a clear, transparent, high-definition liquid without any precipitation. Generally, it does not contain pigment and does not change color after 24 hours at a temperature of 30 ℃

second, the fragrance of perfume. The fragrance of high-quality perfume is pure and can be maintained for a period of time. There is no pungent smell of alcohol and other unpleasant smells. According to the stability of fragrance and the composition of perfume, the moisture content of perfume and flower dew is super grade and grade A, B and C. Fantasy super grade perfume should be sprayed on textiles. Under certain conditions, its fragrance should be kept for no less than 70 hours, and flower fragrance should be kept for no less than 60 hours. High quality perfume for daily use is a class a product. Grade B and grade C perfume and toilet water are basically used for sanitary purposes

third, the packaging of perfume perfume that pleases women's sense of smell, but its promotion often depends on the visual image of perfume products. Like other commodities, fine packaging often reflects the internal quality of commodities. The outer package of perfume is an indication of the internal quality of perfume. When identifying the quality of perfume, special attention should be paid to the sealing of perfume bottles. There should be no gap between the bottle mouth and the bottle cap, otherwise alcohol will evaporate and dry up. In addition, we should also pay attention to whether the packaging of perfume is neat, whether the pattern is clear, and whether the bottle appearance has defects such as cracks. If a perfume bottle with a nozzle is used, the nozzle should also be checked for flexibility and leakage when the stress is far less than its tensile strength

how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of detergents

powdered detergents should be white and should not be mixed with dark yellow and dark brown powders; Coloring can ensure the good performance and use effect of the machine. The color of detergent should be light and uniform; Liquid detergent should be clear and transparent, and should not be muddy; Slurry detergent, the slurry is uniform, without crystallization and stratification. All kinds of detergents should have no peculiar smell. The particles shall be uniform without sticking or caking; The apparent specific gravity is about 0.3 g/ml. It has good fluidity, low moisture absorption and caking, and is convenient for use, packaging and storage

the characteristics of inferior detergent are: the trademark or pattern on the small packaging bag is vague, and there is no manufacturer name, type and model, performance and use and storage instructions. Observe that the powder particles are red except for painting, or there are black and dark yellow powder particles mixed in the powder. Gently rub the washing powder bag with your hand, and you can feel that the particles are uneven or even agglomerated. Take a small amount of powder particles and put them on the inclined plane, which will not flow freely; Put it in cold or warm water and it will not dissolve for a long time. For liquid detergent, the liquid is too thin or too thick when pouring out, and there are stratification and sediment when observing with light

special tips

"3 · 15" is coming, and many consumers may have something to say. This newspaper specially reminds you that complaints such as 7. Experimental speed report commodity quality problems need to provide the following contents: the complainant's name, address, postal code, contact, etc; The name of the unit of the complained party or the name, detailed address, postal code, contact, etc. of the self-employed household; The date of purchasing goods or receiving services, product name, brand, specification, quantity, measurement, price, degree of damage and negotiation with the operator, and provide vouchers (copies of invoices, warranty certificates, etc.) and relevant supporting materials

if it is a small commodity, it is best to show it at the time of complaint, so that the damage degree can be checked and verified on the spot and the quality of the commodity can be judged

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