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PetroChina and Russian companies reached a 30-year natural gas import agreement yesterday, the daily economy learned that China National Petroleum Corporation recently announced that it had preliminarily reached a 30-year contract with Gazprom (the framework agreement on the main terms of Russian gas supply to China), which imports 30billion cubic meters of natural gas from Russian companies every year. It plans to sign a formal commercial contract in mid-2011, The supply plan starts in 2015. However, the two sides have not yet reached agreement on the main issue - the price of imported natural gas

the above agreement includes the transportation capacity (63billion cubic meters per year), supply volume, supply period, etc. of the two natural gas pipelines. In addition, as part of trade and cooperation, Gazprom may cooperate with PetroChina to build a natural gas chemical plant

a relevant person from the natural gas market office of CNPC General Planning Institute said that since the first natural gas cooperation agreement was signed by the two sides in 2004, the key indicators and parameters of natural gas exports to China and other major basic conditions have been finally determined after six years of negotiation

however, the agreement is not the final commercial contract, because the two sides have not yet reached an agreement on the price of natural gas. "The main reason is that Russia wants a high price while China offers a low price, and the two sides have been unable to reach a compromise." These people said

Russia said that the determination of price will be included in the next step. 5. The fluctuation range of power supply voltage should not exceed ± 10% of the rated voltage; These are the agreements we signed when we changed the station information. We plan to sign them before the middle of 2011. We hope that the formal commercial contract can be finalized in July 2011. If it is signed as scheduled, the first batch of natural gas will be delivered to PetroChina in 2015

it is reported that China is ready to negotiate at the price of US $150 per thousand cubic meters under the condition of financing the construction of natural gas pipelines. However, the Russian side believes that the cost of supplying natural gas from Russia to China is $180 per thousand cubic meters, so Russia insists that the price of natural gas to China should not be less than $220

"such a high price is unacceptable to China. How can we sell it after import?" These people said

it is understood that PetroChina currently imports natural gas from Australia at a price of about $145

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