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patent name: multi-color translation offset press

patent Name: multi-color translation offset press

patent application No. cn 5 Publication No. CN

application date: March 2, 2004 publication date: September 7, 2005

applicant: Yao Jianguo

the invention relates to a multi-color translational offset press, which consists of an ink bucket, an upper wall plate, an inking roller, a plate roller, a plate roller, a middle wall plate, and a rubber roller It is composed of bottom wallboard, paper receiving teeth, paper placing lining, base, paper receiving device, paperboard conveyor, embossing cylinder, big teeth, dampening lining, ink equalizing lining and gear The utility model is characterized in that the national peripheral surface of the imprinting cylinder is a symmetrical opening: in the imprinting cylinder, there is a fixed shaft, a paper transfer cylinder, and a supporting plate. The paper transfer cylinder is in the middle of the fixed shaft. It is fixed on the bottom wall plate by the fixed shaft, which is centered with the embossing drum, and the two support plates t on both sides of the paper transfer drum play the role of strengthening the embossing drum; At the lower end of the big jaw, there is a small jaw block and a sliding rod. The small jaw block can move along the sliding rod on one side of the sliding rod. The invention has the advantages that one can print as many colors as the spring on the vehicle, so that the color pictures can be completed on one offset press, and the operation is convenient Reduce costs

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