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Breaking regional barriers, sipm/plm helped CIMC vehicle group establish a group level product development platform

Abstract: CIMC vehicle group is the only large automobile enterprise group in the domestic special vehicle industry. Its group level product development platform was implemented as a major demonstration of collectivized it projects. Through the joint efforts of CIMC vehicle project team and SAP software project team, it took 9 months to complete the sipm/plm system as the platform, The phase I construction of the group level product development platform based on distributed data has completely broken the geographical restrictions and different development methods of the group's member enterprises, laid the foundation for the comprehensive promotion of the whole group, and explored a successful route for the PDM construction of group enterprises with multiple development centers and manufacturing bases

key words: PDM; PLM; Group enterprise remote design and manufacturing

CIMC vehicle group is the only large automobile enterprise group in the domestic special vehicle industry. Its goal is to "provide first-class land transportation equipment and services for the global market" and promote the modernization of China's road transportation equipment. At present, CIMC's special vehicle industry is entering a stage of scale expansion focusing on improving its strength

CIMC automobile group, established with the approval of the State Administration for Industry and commerce, takes advantage of its advantages in management, technology, brand and scale operation, integrates industry resources through mergers and acquisitions and investment and construction, realizes large-scale expansion, and establishes 10 production bases covering North America and China in central, East, south, north, northwest, northeast and other regions, forming a Sino US interactive, reasonably distributed The mutually supportive industrial pattern and the production scale of 100000 special purpose vehicles per year

with the continuous increase of the group's product series, the increasingly frequent exchanges between subordinate manufacturing enterprises and the gradual spread of the group operation mode, the requirements on the technical level are becoming higher and higher. There is an urgent need to establish a unified product technology information management platform, comprehensively integrate the group's design resources, and provide necessary technical support for the group's expanding business scale

after scheme comparison, user investigation and comprehensive evaluation, CIMC vehicle PDM project team selected SAP software as a partner to jointly build the product development platform of the vehicle group based on sipm/plm, the latest platform product of SAP software

1 main requirements of the project

1.1 main objectives of the project

after the joint discussion of the project team, the project objectives are determined as follows:

establish a powerful digital product development collaboration environment and reusable enterprise knowledge base through PDM, shorten the product design cycle and improve the design quality through effective product development process management and product information management, In the process of new product development, we should improve the efficiency of cooperation among departments, development bases and manufacturing bases, improve the accuracy and authenticity of information transmission between departments and member units of the group, improve product serialization, parts generalization and standardization, reduce product costs, ensure the efficiency and quality of product development, provide configurable product data for sales, and provide accurate technical basis for production, And realize a dynamic technology management platform suitable for long-term enterprise development

1.2 main requirements of the project

after careful investigation and discussion by the project team, the technical realization of the project is determined as follows:

1) construct a technology management platform framework suitable for collectivization and remote design and manufacturing

2) to realize the new product development project, the electronic universal material experimental system and the hydraulic universal material experimental system can be used to test the whole process management of steel wire rope

3) realize the overall management of personal work

4) realize the whole process management of various engineering changes

5) control the conversion process of design BOM and process bom

6) support product design from bottom to top and from top to bottom, and straighten out the data flow of product design, process design and manufacturing system

7) realize the coding management system for products and parts

8) ensure that the technical data of enterprises are continuously classified and accumulated, promote the transfer of enterprise knowledge, and reduce the cost of knowledge transfer

9) promote design standardization

10) build a concurrent work platform for product design/process design, improve the efficiency of data sorting and utilization, and ensure the integrity, unity and consistency of technical data within the enterprise

11) ensure the effective operation of the company's quality system through the information system

12) achieve the whole process control of product development through the operation of project management

2 overall structural features of platform product sipm/plm

sipm/plm system is developed based on the framework shown in Figure 1. The framework fully adopts a distributed architecture, supports remote, remote, distributed multi database and multi server situations, and fully takes into account the integration of product data at all stages of product development, as well as the need for product development collaboration among business partners, remote branches, suppliers and customers. It is a platform that can change with the change of business needs An open architecture that can meet the current application needs and future application expansion of the enterprise, and provide complete technical support for the group enterprise

Figure 1 overall system architecture

the main features of the system are as follows:

1) the J2EE based basic application architecture conforms to the trend of collectivization and distributed development of the manufacturing industry. The product collaborative development management platform software based on the J2EE basic application architecture provides an enterprise level object management framework oriented to the whole product life cycle and a component-based system integration management framework. It has system fault-tolerant management and supports distributed transaction management, It ensures that the system is as solid as a rock

2) take XML as the general protocol to ensure unlimited application

xml (Extensible Markup Language), a world-wide markup language, is used as the development environment language to ensure cross platform and cross regional data exchange and application integration of the system. It has made the best preparation for the development of the application system

3) provide solutions through configuration to realize unlimited expansion of management scope and transnational management

sipm/plm adopts the latest soft bus technology to realize the configuration and timing liquidation of the complete process from database modeling, function design to interface modeling, so as to meet the technical management needs of any industry and realize unlimited expansion of technical management. It is one of the best choices for enterprise level technology management platform. At the same time, the interface configuration technology provides complete support for multiple languages to use the same product library, which is suitable for transnational technology management

4) the object-oriented modeling method completely solves the contradiction between the personalized requirements and the standard software. The system completely adopts the object-oriented modeling method to provide the complete modeling of the management object, the relationship between the management object, the function of the management object and the interface object, so as to ensure that the management scope changes as needed, and completely solve the problem that the management system meets the personalized requirements and brings difficulties in system upgrading

5) the strictness of result management is perfectly combined with the flexible operation of process management. After the workspace division is adopted, the system provides flexible personal work data management and project work data management, which greatly improves the speed and quality of product development. The strict data relationship inspection, change control and strict authority system ensure the rigorous and orderly management of design results

6) application encapsulation technology provides data management integration for known and unknown application software. The versions and types of enterprise application software always increase with time. As a management system, it is fatal that it cannot provide data integration for future applications. Sipm/plm provides general encapsulation technology, so that any application software based on windows, UNIX and linix can realize the function of data management without development

3 main implementation contents of the project

3.1 construction of distributed database platform suitable for low-speed network interconnection

Figure 1 distributed database deployment

the project uses ORALCE database as the foundation to construct the entire database platform, and develops and completes data synchronization software between databases and file servers. As the data support of the whole system

in Figure 1, it can be seen that after entering the experimental interface, each factory has its own file server and database server, while the coding server is only available in the headquarters. The data between different factories is synchronized in the form of replication through the headquarters. Data replication between any two factories cannot be directly conducted, This server distribution achieves the following objectives:

1) each factory is far away from each other and the network condition cannot be guaranteed to be stable at any time. Moreover, even if the network is broken, the designers of each factory can work normally

2) with the business development of CIMC vehicles, the number of member enterprises has been increasing. The use of distributed database structure will effectively reduce the network and server load and ensure the stable performance of the system

3) the coding servers are centralized in the headquarters, and the factory designers also obtain the codes from the coding servers in the headquarters, thus ensuring the unified coding of the whole group

4) the data transmission between the headquarters and the factory is ensured through the data synchronization process in the background, which enables the headquarters to issue the data of subordinate units conditionally, and the factory data is uploaded to the headquarters unconditionally, so that the headquarters can consider the data security and technical development as a whole

3.2 building a group level coding system and a coding system closely integrated with CAD

coding rules and coding system is an important foundation for the construction of PDM system. After many discussions by the project team, the coding principles and coding rules have been clarified, and a coding system suitable for the distributed environment has been built to realize the integration of the coding system and CAD platform and ensure the uniqueness of the coding of the whole group

designers' main work is done in the CAD interface. When designing drawings, they can directly call out the code generator in the CAD interface to obtain the code, while the code server is only deployed in the headquarters. The codes obtained by subordinate design centers in the CAD interface are also generated through the headquarters' code server, ensuring the unification of the codes of the whole group

Figure 2 is a coding system integrated with CAD.

after the Designer completes the design drawing, when submitting it to the server, the system will automatically identify the assembly relationship of all drawings submitted this time, extract the corresponding BOM information on the drawing surface, and save it to the server

3.3 build a group level core technical data distribution mechanism

due to the technical advantages of each factory, the vehicle group has implemented a product manager system, that is, the products are designed mainly by factories with technical advantages, supplemented by other factories. The source of design drawings can be at any node of the whole vehicle group. No matter where the drawings are generated, the PDM system will automatically upload the drawings to the server of the headquarters, Then the headquarters will distribute the set of product drawings to the designated factory according to the production factory of the product. The PDM system can control the distribution of a single important drawing, which solves the problem of drawing confidentiality when one factory produces parts and another factory assembles them. It has solved the contradiction between the sharing and confidentiality of important technical data within the group

3.4 take BOM evolution as the main line to realize the management of product design and process design on the same platform

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