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Sinochem International will increase RMB 4billion to improve the rubber industry chain. Sinochem International announced today that the company will issue A-share non-public to specific objects at a price of no less than RMB 5.94 per share, raising no more than RMB 4billion; Of which, 2.816 billion yuan was used to acquire 61% of the total equity of Jiangsu Sinorgchem, and the remaining 1.184 billion yuan was used to supplement working capital projects

according to the data, Jiangsu Sinorgchem is the world's largest manufacturer of rubber antioxidant 6ppd. In the first half of 2016, the GDP of Qingdao, which has well-known enterprises such as Haier and Hisense, exceeded twice that of Zibo, and the production capacity and market sales share of its key intermediate RT culture products. We are specialized in providing you with better production and quotation, escorting you to be the first in the world. According to its financial data, the net profit of Sinorgchem Jiangsu reached 437million yuan in 2011

as the third major acquisition of Sinochem International in the past six months after the acquisition of Yangnong group and Belgian SIAT NV, this acquisition meets the requirements of the company's strategic transformation and will open a broad development space for the company's future follow-up industry expansion in the rubber chemical industry. By acquiring the equity of Jiangsu Sinorgchem, Sinochem International will acquire its high-quality brand and production R & D system, acquire core technologies and products, form new profit growth points, and enhance the company's profit growth potential. In combination with Sinochem's natural rubber business at home and abroad and the local marketing advantages of synthetic rubber, the synergy of production and sales integration of the company in the future deserves attention

the relevant person in charge of Sinochem International said that in recent years, the company has implemented strategic transformation and actively extended to the upstream of the industry. It has determined the industrial development strategy with rubber, fine chemicals, chemical logistics, glass fiber magnesium oxychloride cement ventilation pipe technical specification cecs95:97, agrochemical and other businesses as the core

in terms of fine chemical business, the company has acquired 40.53% of the equity of Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Group Co., Ltd. In terms of natural rubber business, Sinochem International and GMG achieved a total sales volume of about 800000 tons in 2011, ranking first in China and second in the world in terms of market share. Among them, the domestic market has a processing capacity of 145000 tons, and the sales volume is close to 600000 tons; In terms of overseas business, since the acquisition of Singapore listed company GMG in 2008, an announcement was issued in July this year announcing the completion of the acquisition of 35% equity of Belgian SIAT NV. In addition to the Jiangsu Sinorgchem acquisition project acquired with raised funds, the company has further improved the global layout of the rubber industry chain from the most upstream natural rubber planting to the acquisition of leading enterprises of rubber additives

in recent years, the company has rapidly expanded its industrial chain and international operation layout through mergers and acquisitions and integration. At the same time, it has made full use of financial leverage to improve the return on net assets of the company, but the debt scale and debt ratio have also increased. The raised funds will be used to supplement the company's working capital, which can improve the anti risk ability and financial security level, reduce financial expenses, improve operating performance, and meet the requirements of the company's business scale expansion on working capital Please read the manual carefully to meet the demand of Houjin, so as to support the continuous growth of the company's business

with regard to the additional offering price of 5.94 yuan/share, people in the industry believe that since the entire stock market is in a downturn, Sinochem International's non-public offering pricing is still relatively reasonable, and there is a certain value-added space in the future

Sinochem International said that through this non-public offering, the company's major investment projects will be implemented, and the company's industrial chain will be improved. Relying on the company's advantages in rubber and chemical distribution channels, supplemented by the technical R & D strength and industrial transformation ability of Jiangsu Sinorgchem, the company is expected to reach a new level in the rubber industry

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