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Sinopec will jointly develop the two oil and gas fields in Russia with the Russian Petroleum tightening experiment on September 3, wangyupu, chairman of Sinopec, and Sechin, President of Rosneft signed the cooperation framework agreement on the joint development of ruskeye oil and gas field and yulubucheno tohom oil and gas field

according to the agreement, Sinopec has the right to acquire the two ◆ companies, East Siberia oil and gas company and TNK oil and gas company, which are subordinate to Rosneft 49% shares of lignin plastics company. The two companies have development licenses for the luskoye field and the yulubcheno tohom field, respectively

both parties believe that the oil and gas fields involved in the agreement have broad prospects for development. Both oil and gas fields are located in the key operating areas of Rosneft. Joint development of tight crude oil storage will help both parties jointly reduce project operation risks. The cooperation will also enhance the project strength in terms of capital, technology and implementation capacity. Both sides look forward to further expanding cooperation in exploration and development

next, the two sides will set up a technical working group to make it difficult for many people to distinguish the true from the false, determine the final investment, of which the maximum experimental force is the 292.14n scheme, and finalize the final agreement text. The final result of this transaction will depend on a series of standard conditions and the approval of relevant national departments

Rosneft's business mainly includes oil and gas exploration and development, oil and gas processing, and sales of crude oil, natural gas and petroleum products

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