Sinter metal hydrodynamic bearing with low torque

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Ntien has developed sintered metal dynamic pressure bearing with low torque loss

ntien has developed "dynamic twin bearhite" which can support the motor rotating shaft with low torque. By optimizing the space design of the inner diameter surface, the material ldquo; Industrial technology and physical assets rdquo; The bearing torque loss has been reduced by 10% compared with the original product. In addition to hard disk spindle motor and cooling fan motor, the product can also be used in industrial machinery and automobile motors

ntien has previously put into operation the "dynamic pressure bearbite (sintered metal dynamic pressure bearing) with dynamic pressure groove in the inner diameter of sintered oil bearing, such as the section from the midpoint to the point in the figure". The product is widely used in spindle motor and cooling fan motor. This development product improves the inner diameter surface design of the dynamic pressure bearphite. By optimizing the space design between the dynamic pressure grooves (2 places) on the inner diameter surface, the bearing torque loss during rotation is reduced while maintaining the strong, durable, reliable and silent advantages of the dynamic pressure bearbite. This reduces the power consumption of the motor

in addition, I will briefly introduce how to select the single arm tensile testing machine: the design of variable outer diameter surface can be fixed by pressing on the shell. Used to be fixed with adhesive

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